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~blogging since 2011

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words sure helped to heal me.

Photo courtesy of Donald Luo

When my life changed dramatically, May of 2011, I decided to try and gain some control over my emotions and physical limitations by writing and sharing my observations in this blog. Since time heals all wounds, I am now healthier and have continued to write creatively, although slightly more inconsistent, in the hopes of becoming a stronger writer.

This website combines my passion as a hobbyist photographer seamlessly with my creative writing skills and allows me to grow as an artist in both fields. The topics covered in my blog cover the lot from the everyday mundane to the psychologically profane, with the occasional rhyme from time to time. You may not find the meaning of life reading between the lines of my prose, but you may find some humor, some pleasing visual elements and more than a few grammatical errors.

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