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The First Fifteen

The first fifteen days of August have been filled with nonstop adventure, excitement, romance, comedy, and friendship.  I would say it has the makings of the perfect Hollywood motion picture, but movie studios do not make films anymore, they just mass produce repetition.  In some aspects, you have to respect Hollywood for how environmentally aware they have become…they have emerged as the masters of recycling garbage.

The first through the fifth of August I took a photography workshop, taught by world renown camera artist, Randy Jay Braun (I promise I will write a blog before September detailing this event).  The class was six hours a day for five days and I wish it could have gone on longer.  I learned so much in such a short time it was fantastic.  Randy teaches in a very practical way and gets you out in the real world taking pictures immediately, rather than cramming photography rules and parameters down your throat in a stuffy classroom.  The students were all eager and we came from different levels of photography backgrounds, so it must have been tough to teach such a varied group of people.  We had models to shoot everyday, we hiked all over the place and explored our surroundings like a moving paparazzi caravan.  Twelve cameras pointed at the same subject at any given moment.  It was an amazing experience, which I would recommend to anyone who has the time to learn from a professional.

My friend Erik came to visit, initially for a week, during the same time, so I would try to see him after the photography classes.  Eventually his work schedule changed and he was able to extend his trip to the 13th of August.  Having someone visit Maui is the best way to make those of us who live here appreciate what we have.  I watched more sunsets in the two weeks Erik was here than in the previous three months combined.  I was able to get back into the pool after a week of being too busy and we even went to Hana for a day.  Erik had lived on Maui for years, so he already knew what he wanted to do, see and eat.

Erik left on Monday, so Tuesday I had the day to myself (which turned into packing, doing laundry, as well as cleaning and rearranging my entire bedroom) and today I leave for the mainland for almost two weeks.  I don’t know how much longer I can keep this pace up, but I’m determined to have an adventure and take some pictures.  My leg and ankle tend to swell up like a balloon, which gives me a sexy cankle look, so I will have to find time to rest, elevate, ice and relax my leg for a few moments throughout the next few weeks.

I fly into Las Vegas tonight, drive to Zion National Park the following day, then to Bryce Canyon NP, then to Ogden, Utah for a night and finally onto Jackson, Wyoming for four days at Grand Tetons/Yellowstone National Parks.  I am hoping to get some wildlife pictures from this trip (from a distance).  I really do not want to stumble upon a foraging bear or spook a mama moose as I crutch through the wilderness.

I head back into Vegas on the 24th, where I will meet up with two lifelong friends I have known since 6th and 10th grade, respectively.  The three of us hung out in Vegas seven years ago and I cannot wait to sit and share stories with each other.  I never laugh as hard as I do with real friends.  I am hoping this trip will revitalize my soul and get me that much closer to my old self.  It will also help me push my limitations in order to prepare me for my eventual return to work.

I will make every attempt to share pictures or experiences while on the road, but no promises.

A hui hou!