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Motorcycle Trip: Part 5 of 9

Originally written: October 2nd, 2010

Ogden, Utah

We got an early start this morning.  We were up at six, had our not-so-stellar free breakfast (stay away from the French toast sticks) and we were on the road by seven.  The ride this morning from Ogden was frigid.  I could see my breath all morning and by the time we arrived in the town of Logan, Utah (the home of Utah State University) we were both ready for a brief stop.  Before we had pulled over my legs were shaking so badly that I had to squeeze them together against the gas tank to stop the spastic twitching.

We rode from Logan along route 89, which runs alongside the Logan River.  What an amazing ride!  A nice, curvy road lined with pine trees mingled with foliage changing colors.  Mother nature’s palette was on full display throughout the day.  The sights, and smells (skunk was the fragrance of the day) were right in our face all day.  From Logan we stopped at an overlook above Bear Lake were dad noticed his back tire was getting chewed up rapidly.  From Bear Lake we crossed into Idaho on our way to Jackson, Wyoming.  Route 89 is the lifeline to several small towns along the way: Fish Haven, St. Charles, Paris and Ovid looked like nice rural areas.

We stopped for gas in Montpelier, Idaho and dad called ahead to Jackson to ask about having his back tire replaced.  The shop that can do the work will not be available until Monday (today is Saturday), which may work out well because the forecast is calling for rain Monday.

As we made our way into Jackson, Wyoming we had a bald eagle flying alongside us for a bit and I took that as a good sign of things to come.  Dad let me lead most of the ride today, which I find easier than having to match speeds with other riders.  The headsets continue to prove their value as we can lose sight of each other, but still know where we are, due to the constant communication.  We checked in at the Super 8 motel, which will be our base of operations for the next few days, and unloaded the bikes.  We had lunch in Jackson at a place called Betty Rock.  So far the best meal we’ve had on this trip and the service was great for a sandwich shop.  We left Jackson and made our way towards Grand Teton National Park.

Grand Teton National Park

The Teton mountain range shoots up from a flat plain and has some jagged looking peaks, which still had snow from last season on it.  The contrast from tree-lined rivers and prairie land to these towering, gnarled, grey mountains is wonderful.  We rode over a shallow, but swift and wide river on our way towards the visitor’s center.  The bridge had a lot of foot traffic on it and, as we found parking, we overheard people talking about out a moose down by riverbank.  Dad and I grabbed our cameras and became one of the followers hoping to get a picture of nature in action.  Be careful what you wish for.  As we walked across the bridge to the other side of the river, we came upon a family of moose (I always want to say meese), which was made up of a bull, a cow and a calf.  With about thirty people watching, including several youngsters, the bull was trying to oof the cow (if you are unfamiliar with that term, learn it).  The moose was a lot taller than I expected and very beautiful, unfortunately I am not into posting dirty pictures for all to see.

When we got back to the motel we walked to Albertson’s and stocked up on some food items for the next few mornings as well as some postcards.