Friday, January 13th

It is Aloha Friday, and for some folks that means a three day weekend!  As for me it means pool time with my friend Jon and his amazing daughter Sophia.  Last friday I wrote a blog about the healing effect the pool has on my body and soul, unfortunately, the water also causes damage to my leg, but it is something I endure with patience.  The skin on my leg, where the bumper of the truck that slammed into me, has never completely healed.  It still has scabs and blotchy areas that look nothing like the rest of my leg.  Whether it is because of the damage directly from the impact or the fact that my leg is in this restrictive plastic brace I just don’t know, but the fact is when skin is subjected to water at length it tends to prune up and become less skin tight.  Sometimes, which was the case last friday, I take off the brace after the pool and some skin comes off with it.  So although the pool makes me feel better I can only go when my wounds are closed.

As I was heading into the Kihei Aquatic Center, my bird friend Zippy the egret was back!  I tried to get another picture with my phone, but it just doesn’t do the poor bird justice.  He still had the orange zip tie sticking six inches out of the side of his neck.  Poor Zippy, I feel your pain of having something that doesn’t belong sticking out of your body.

Zippy the Egret is back! I know it’s hard to see, but he has a six inch plastic zip tie stabbed through his neck.
I feel your pain Zippy.

The water and sunshine felt amazing on my bloated, hairy, pasty white body.  I actually swam a few lengths more than I did last week before my arms began to feel like two anchors.  I used the float that you squeeze between your legs in order to prevent you from kicking and it seems to be working well as my leg does not hurt during the exercise.  If I can get in the water twice a week I might get myself back into some sort of physical condition and it would help me forget these past eight months.  I just have to keep pushing myself and remember to take baby steps baby strokes.

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  1. Lynn
    January 13, 2012

    This entry makes me want to hug you.

    • January 13, 2012

      I could use a good hug every now and again, and I encourage everyone to give as many hugs to loved ones as often as you can…none of this ass out, try and have as little contact as possible horsesh*t. A hug is meant to be given with your entire upper body! If you don’t give good hugs, stick to handshakes…or handjobs.

      ps. Lynn, you give great hugs.

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