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A Much Needed Pickup In My Life

I recently began a relationship with a twenty eight year old.  I can only speak for myself, but it was love at first sight for me and I am happy to report that things are going very well.  The two of us seem to understand the other’s wants and needs, and although we are still getting to know each other it seems like this “test-drive” phase may last for awhile.

There is a nine-year difference in our ages, but that doesn’t bother me because I feel that age is simply a number.  Indiana Jones said it best when explaining to Marion why he wasn’t the same person she had known those many years ago, “It’s not the years, Honey, it’s the mileage.”

Twenty-eight is old enough to have accumulated some serious mileage, but I’m happy to say that she does not show it.  I don’t mean to sound shallow here, but she has a great looking body.  It may be a little flat in the backside for some, but I think her brown body is in great shape.  I know for a fact that when we go out and people see us together they are constantly staring at her.  I can see them mentally wishing they were with her and are left wondering why she is with someone like me.  I know I have had a few guys thoroughly inspect her from top to bottom and give their approval that she passes their standards.  What can I say?  She’s hot.

I guess I should tell you more about her, besides her near perfect body, in an attempt to recover from being so artificial in the previous paragraph.  She was born in Minnesota, lived in Iowa most her life and just recently moved to Maui.  She lived in Haiku until a few days ago, when she moved to Kihei to be closer to me.  She has an amazing personality; very unique from others I have been with.  She’s not afraid to be herself, even with all her tics and idiosyncrasies.  She’s not superficial; she doesn’t need to have the latest and greatest high-tech gadget at her disposal.  She’s bright too.

She is so easy to be around and I look forward to the time we spend together.  Heck, I could probably enjoy a trip to the DMV or the dentist as long as she’s with me.  I tend not to talk as much and I find myself listening to her intently. I have begun to pick up on certain tones when something may be troubling her.  She makes me feel special and I know she appreciates the attention I give her.

When I found out that she was born in 1984 I was nervous that we might not “get” each other’s references.  Being a child born in the mid-Seventies, I grew up on Eighties movies (John Hughes gave me false hope while in junior high).  Some of the top grossing movies from the year she was born include; Ghostbusters, Beverly Hills Cop, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Gremlins, The Karate Kid, Police Academy, Footloose, Romancing the Stone, Splash, Purple Rain, Revenge of the Nerds and Red Dawn.  All classics in my book and quoted on a weekly basis (especially Ghostbusters and Indiana Jones).

I probably shouldn’t be sharing this with people in such a public manner, but in my mind’s eye I can see us together years from now.  Not to be too bold, but I hope in a decade people will still see us cruising around the island together.

As far as relationships go, this may be the first time I feel like I am in control.  Whether I feel we are moving too fast or if we need to speed things up, she always knows how to react.  She responds to me positively and adjusts accordingly so that we continue on our course.  I really feel like I am in the driver’s seat when I’m with her, which is a nice feeling, but deep down I know she’s the one with the power…and I’m okay with that.

Unless we have a serious breakdown along our journey together I can see us overcoming any obstacles that may lay ahead.

When I first laid eyes on here I knew I had to have her.  Not to get too graphic, but I found out early on in this relationship that I have a knack for turning her on.  If anybody out there is wondering what it feels like to be inside a 28 year old…let me tell you that it is an amazing adventure.  Exhausting at times, but I try to keep the noises muffled, so the neighbors don’t complain.  It feels like there may be a bit more room inside than a younger one, but once you’re in…her experience takes over and it feels so good.  I’m starting to believe that it does get better with age.

For those of you who need a more visual stimulant, I have included a few pictures of her at the end of this blog.  She does not know that I am posting these on the internet, so please do not forward them to your friends.  I’m not sure how she would react if she found out I was sharing photos of her online, but the last thing I want to do is for her to have a breakdown.

1984 Ford F-150 XLT. Only 43,000 original miles. A/C doesn’t work, so she’s hot!

Not a bad body for a 28 year old.