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Happy Halloween everybody!  October is on it’s last leg, which normally would mean that a November Photography 101 challenge is right around the corner.

I am using today’s blog to let everyone know that I will not be hosting a new challenge for November.

It has been a good year for challenges, both photographically and physically, but I am still trying to fine tune the challenges.  I have not been able to find balance between the difficulty of the challenges and the fun factor involved, but I will continue to tweak with the idea and come up with something fun for everyone.

It seems that the easier the subject list, the more entries I receive, but the diversity of the submissions is definitely lacking.  If I make the challenge more difficult the diversity is there, but only a handful of pictures are submitted.  September was a perfect example of the latter happening.  10 of the 18 subjects failed to have submissions.  We have never had a Photography 101 challenge with empty subject pages.  I see that as a clear sign that I have failed as host.

So please allow me the opportunity to re-evaluate my concept.  I may have to take the rest of the year off from the website, but I have been using my camera more of late, so it is possible that I may find inspiration a bit more quickly.  The holiday season is almost upon us, so let’s focus on spending time with family and friends and we will continue this journey together.

A special thank you to all of those who have contributed.  I appreciate the support and inspiration you have given to me and the website.  Without you the site would not exist.

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  1. Lucille
    November 1, 2012

    Hi Vinnie….Thanks for the update on the photo challenge. When I saw your email…I got excited as I had just mentioned the challenge to Kate a few days ago. Thanks for all you did to make it happen. It gave me the opportunity to be constantly thinking creatively about nature and my surroundings as photo possibilities I put my new camera to good use. I look forward to new opportunities.
    Heard you’re back to work and hope all is going well. Stay well.


    • November 6, 2012

      Lucille. As always, thank you for the kind words and encouragement. This is not the end, but merely a new beginning. The challenges will be back, and better than before…I hope.

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