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Mortality Series: Burned Alive

The German born philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche is given credit for the popular quote, “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.”  It is that very idea that has inspired me to begin a new creative writing series on my blog.

Forever pushing my body to its physical limits, I have recently begun a series of articles in which I share with my readers some of my near death experiences.  I have decided to name the articles “Mortality Series,” and they will feature several different ways I have put my life on the line in order to test Nietzsche’s quote.

Common sense and survival instinct should make most people aware of the obvious, but for your own safety: PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT ANY OF THE EXPERIENCES I SHARE WITH YOU.

Burned Alive.

The heat is so intense that I’m not sure I’m going to survive this time.  The pain receptors in my body begin to go off before the angry flame even touches my skin.  Like the soon-to-arrive fire trucks, the warning bells in my mind want to be silenced with cold, clear, life-saving water, but alas, there is no water near me.  Once the flame is upon my skin, I cannot bear it.  I feel as though my entire body in engulfed in flame.  Fear kicks in and I cannot remember the lessons we were taught in school.  Is it “stop, drop and roll,” “no, go, tell,” or was it “pop n’ lock?”  My mind goes numb, and it is strictly instinct that takes over.

Game, Set, Match.

Game, Set, Match.

I blow the match out and strike a new one to life.  The white hot flame erupts from the sulfurous tip, and I light another candle.  My thumb and fore-finger are sore to the touch.  Whether I’m setting the mood for some romantic interlude, recovering from a power outage, or celebrating a birthday, next time I’m going to use a lighter.