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Mortality Series: Hangman’s Noose

The German born philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche is given credit for the popular quote, “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.”  It is that very idea that has inspired me to begin a new creative writing series on my blog.

Forever pushing my body to its physical limits, I have recently begun a series of articles in which I share with my readers some of my near death experiences.  I have decided to name the articles “Mortality Series,” and they will feature several different ways I have put my life on the line in order to test Nietzsche’s quote.

Common sense and survival instinct should make most people aware of the obvious, but for your own safety: PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT ANY OF THE EXPERIENCES I SHARE WITH YOU.

The Hangman’s Noose.

There’s no getting out of it now.  The noose begins to tighten against my throat.  I am finding it difficult to swallow as the fabric constricts, squeezing my Adam’s apple.  The heat is too much. It’s beginning to feel like an oven in here.  My pale skin drips beads of perspiration into my eyes.  I close my eyes, hoping to stop the stinging and burning.  I keep telling myself it will all turn out for the best, but I’ve pushed my luck too far this time.  My sentence is being carried out and this noose is around my throat in direct opposition to my own will.

There is no escape.

Tie me up, tie me down.

Tie me up, tie me down.

As I open my eyes, I wipe off the steam covered mirror and see my tie is a bit crooked.  I grab the length of it with my left hand and straighten the knot with my right hand.  A few little tweaks and everything is lined up perfectly.

As I open the bathroom door, heat and steam from the shower make their escape into the hallway.  Stepping out of the bathroom I take a glance in the full-length mirror and I have to admit to myself.  As much as I hate wearing a neck tie to formal social events…I look darn good in them.