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Accident Report

The following is the Maui Police Department official Motor Vehicle Accident Report that was written on May 9th, 2010.  I am just including the narrative section of the report which is written by the officer on the scene.  I have edited or removed any names of police officers, witnesses or anybody else involved to protect their privacy, but have not edited anything else (including spelling errors).


On the above date at about 1325 hours, I was assigned by Dispatch to report of a Motor Vehice Accident at the intersection of Wailea Ike Drive and Wailea Ike Place.  Dispatch advised that a motorcycle rider was down and was suffering from a possible compound fracture of his leg.  I arrived at the above location at about 1328 hours and observed the following.


Upon arrival, I observed an adult male, later identified as Vincent Lorusso, lying on the roadway in the northeast corner of the intersection of Wailea Ike Drive and Wailea Ike Place, on Wailea Ike Drive.  A black Yamaha motorcycle was next to Lorusso, and was standing upright on it’s wheels.  A piece of flesh approximately 3 inches long and one inch wide was lying on the ground between Lorusso and the motorcycle.  Lorusso was not wearing a helmet but a helmet was on the ground next to him.  There was also a scrape on the road leading from what was later determined to be the area of impact, to where Lorusso and his motorcycle were found.

“There was also a scrape on the road leading from what was later determined to be the area of impact”

Lorusso was in extreme pain and had his left leg elevated on an backpack.  Lorusso’s left leg was bloody, and was covered by a towel.  Lorusso’s leg was twisted at an unnatural angle and examination of the leg revealed that the leg was fractured and the bone had punctured the skin and was protruding out approximately three inches from the skin about half way between his knee and foot.

“…the bone had punctured the skin and was protruding out approximately three inches from the skin…”

A black Toyota pickup bearing Hawaii license plate (xxxxxxx) was parked on the side of Waie Ike Place, just north of the intersection.  A (non specific gender) later identified as (non or your beeswax) was standing next to the vehicle.

At approximately 1332 hours, fire arrived on scene and began treating Lorusso for his injuries.  Lorusso’s leg was braced and he was placed on a backboard.  At approximately 1341, medics arrived on scene and transported Lorusso to Maui Memorial Hospital for treatment.


Investigation thus far indicates that on 05/09/11, at approximately 1325 hours, Vincent Lorusso was riding his motorcycle west on Wailea Ike Drive, towards The Shop’s at Wailea.  At the same time (insert name here) was traveling north in their vehicle, on Wailea Ike Place at the the intersections of Waiea Ike Drive.  (no name) stopped at the stop sign, then pulled into the intersection without seeing Lorusso, who was entering the intersection.  The front of (blank’s) vehicle made contact with the left side of Lorusso’s motorcycle, causing the motorcycle to fall to the side, and Lorusso to be elected from the motorcycle.  Lorusso and the motorcycle then slid across the intersection and came to rest on the opposite side of the intersection near the curb.

(censored) vehicle suffers scrapes and one small dent on the front grill.  Lorusso’s vehicle suffered a broken windscreen, a dented rear fender and license plate holder, and scratches on both sides.  Lorusso suffered a compound fracture of his tibia and fibula on his left leg. No other injuries were observed or reported by Lorusso or (name removed) at the time of the incident.  Lorusso was treated at the scene by fire and medics and was transported to maui Memorial Hospital for treatment of his injuries.

I attempted to read this police report a few months after I had been out of the hospital, but I began to read the part about my leg being at an unnatural angle I began to sweat and had to stop reading.  I did not expect to have that kind of reaction to the words, but reading them put me right back on the ground, sitting in the road holding my leg as it was twitching.  Now that I am able to read the entire report perspiration free I figured I should add it to this online library of events.