Turn and Face the Stranger

The title of this post is taken from the David Bowie song, “Changes,” for obvious reasons.

I have been on the fence for a few weeks about formatting my website a little differently and adjusting the ebb and flow of the pages.  Monday morning, before I went to work, I took the plunge into unchartered territory.  There is nothing like throwing yourself into the deep end and learning in order to survive.

It seemed to be a fairly simple process.  A login, a password, a few keystrokes and…viola!  cyngle.com has a new look, but old feel to it.  In reality, it took me several hours, more than a few attempts and way too many swear words to get everything working correctly.

I decided to lose the iWeb website part and will now publish everything through my wordpress blog template.  Essentially, you may consider cyngle.com/perspective as finished, kaput, belly up, erased from existence, defunct, inoperative or just plain dead.


  • First and foremost, the homepage has changed.  No longer will you be sent to multiple sites.  Once you clear your cookies, cyngle.com will bring you to the one and only website you need to get caught up on my blog, photography 101 challenges and anything else I decide to publish on the site.
  • My blog is still here, in fact, you may be reading it right now.  I have every intention to continue writing and sharing my adventures with you, my loyal followers.  I am hoping this new format leads to bigger adventures, more creative writing and possibly more consistency with my publishing blog posts.
  • The biggest change to the site will be to our bi-monthly amateur photography challenges we call Photography 101.  I am still hammering out the final product, but for now, Photography 101 can be found in the menu right below the header.

I hope the new changes make things easier for visitors to the site.  I am always working on making cyngle.com fun, user friendly and easy to navigate to those who view it.  If you have time, please let other people know about the changes, or show them what cyngle.com is all about.

With all the new pages, I’m sure there will be a few broken hyperlinks.  I will work on resolving these over the next few weeks, but you can reply below if you find any before I fix them.

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