It’s Curtains for Me

I once was blinds, but now I can’t see.

Yesterday I tackled a home improvement project that has been on my to do list for awhile.  I decided to get rid of the cheap plastic vertical blinds in our bedroom and replace them with heavy drapes (or curtains if you prefer).

Like many vampires (Blade being the huge exception), early morning sunlight is the bane of my existence.  Fortunately, my battle against the sunlight only takes place in the morning when my bedroom is alight from the glow of the new day, until the afterglow of our beautiful Maui sunsets.  I have a difficult time sleeping once the sunlight filters into my bedroom.

I have tried to wear those Lone Ranger style sleep masks, but I find the string around my head annoying, as well as it makes me have a sudden urge to steal hamburgers from a fast-food restaurant with a clown for a mascot.  I usually end up sleeping with an arm draped over my eyes, or in the most extreme cases, my pillow resting on my face.

Let’s start this blog off with the essential “before” picture, courtesy of my iPhone.


Blinded by the light.
Blinded by the light.

Before tackling this undertaking I knew I had a few obstacles in the way of my curtain hanging project.  For example, I knew I only has one screw hole on each of the three mounting brackets to use, due to the fact that the previous blinds only used one of the two holes necessary for proper installation.  I could have drilled a second hole for each bracket, but that would have required me to drill into cinder blocks.  If the landlord didn’t do it to hang the original blinds, I certainly wasn’t going to do it to hang my much lighter curtain rod and drapes.

As I removed the plastic vertical slots I ran into my first speed bump.  The screws used to hang the blinds were not philips, flat-head or even the more complicated hexalobular (star), they were square (also known as Robertson or Scrulox…apparently they are common in Canada).


Not having a square tip for my screw driver, I removed them using a pair of pliers.  Clamping, twisting, bit by bit I worked the screws until I was able to use my fingers to remove them from the block wall.

The installation was smooth and took less time than I had imagined.  Having the original holes saved me countless minutes of leveling, marking, measuring and drilling.

Here is the necessary “after” picture so that you may be the judge of my work.


Curtain call.
Curtain call.

I tested my handiwork this morning by not setting my alarm and seeing how long I could endure the light from a new day.  The curtains are a success.

As I finished writing this blog, the UPS man just dropped off a package at my front door.  My next project has arrived…replacing a broken porcelain cooktop on our stove.

Stay tuned for more home improvement updates.

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