Stove Topped

Last week our stove’s cook top was the victim of glass on glass violence.

The result of this random act of violence was that our cook top was left in an unusable state due to a hole and several substantial cracks throughout the surface.

Say no to crack.
Bird’s eye view of the damage.  Start at the bottom left and work your way around.

While looking for an item in the cabinets above the range, hellfire reigned down upon the stove top in the form of a glass mason jar.  This fires-of-hell spawned mason jar, made from glass, diamonds  and probably kevlar, dropped a total of three feet and landed on the edge of the cook top surface.

The culprit.

While the cook top was rendered unusable, the mason jar did not even get a scratch.  I have calls into the Department of Defense and to NASA about this amazing material.

Nobody has returned my calls.

God Bless American made products, and their destructive nature.

At least some things are still made in America, and apparently they are too tough to break when dropped onto a hard surface.  Our country, and now our mason jars have the attitude of being stubborn and unrelenting.

Open sesame.

Finding a replacement part was not too difficult.  The internet had several options, but with most large items, the burning question out here is, “How much is the shipping to Hawaii going to cost?”.  With most bigger items, the shipping can be the same or even more than the item you need to have shipped.

Hunka hunka burner love.

Sears has a parts website that not only had the part we needed, but shipping to Maui was only $35.  The part was due to arrive in a week, but showed up on our doorstep in four days.

Brand new, still has the factory stove top smell.

I rolled up my sleeves, put on my tool belt and began to tackle the job before me.  I used an internet video to see how difficult this job was going to be and found the clip to be simple, easy and it gave me the confidence to do it myself.

Armed with only a screw driver, ratchet and some elbow grease, the entire replacement took only a few minutes to complete.  It would have taken even less time, had I not dropped a screw down into the oven part.  That fiasco was an excellent argument for buying a magnetic tipped screwdriver.


Two projects completed in less than a week.  I am on fire!  

Soon I’m going to be hanging out in front of the Home Depot looking for extra work.  Of course, I’ll need to wear baggier pants so that my butt crack shows when I squat down, but that is the mark of a true handyman and I’m doing my best to reach that level of experience.

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