Friday, January 20th

I got back in the pool today and pushed myself further than I have the previous three times I was able to swim.  Still unable to use my left leg, I have begun to get more comfortable using the float you squeeze between your thighs to keep you from kicking your feet, while keeping your lower half afloat.  Every time I have swum (today makes the forth attempt) I have pushed myself a bit further than the previous time.  Before the accident I used to swim for 30 minutes and stop.  I was never worried too much about the distance, although on a good day I was able to do 1500 yards (or meters depending on the pool set up) in under 30 minutes.  Today I struggled to finish 500 yards…but I did finish.  I have begun to shift my focus from time to distance.  I do not care if it takes me all day to do more than I did my last visit…I have plenty of time in my day.  My arms still weigh heavy after a few pool lengths and I understand that I have to stop and take a breather if I want to continue to do better.  I have begun to stretch my arms out before I get ready to head to the pool and that has made quite a difference in when my muscles tighten up to the point of me not being able to raise my arms over my head.

I never considered myself a fitness freak, but I definitely do not enjoy leading a sedentary lifestyle.  I enjoyed biking 7 miles one way to work on nice days for the heck of it, and to say that I did it.  I would swim whenever the mood struck me.  I wasn’t a health nut, but I never drank soda or ate after 8pm as a simple rule.  I have never owned a gym membership, but will use dumbbells or do some push ups/sit ups at home when I have a few spare moments.  Apparently all these “good” habits worked in my advantage, but have long since been abandoned.

Getting into a routine at the pool will take me in the right step, pun intended, to getting back to my “normal” self.  When the doctor’s tell me it is time I will go to a physical therapy clinic and get my bottom half back into walking or biking shape.  Until that time comes I am trying to stay motivated in the pool.  Having good friends want to go with you certainly helps push me in the right direction.

Zippy the Egret made an appearance again today.  He was not around Tuesday when I was at the aquatic center, I guess he made it a four day weekend because of the holiday, but he was just cruisin’ in his same spot today.  Jon, Sophia and I were able to get within 30 feet of him and we agree that it isn’t a zip-tie in his neck/throat, but rather something a bit more rigid.  It looks to us like it could be a metal projectile with a point on one end and a plastic butt on the other.

It might not be a zip-tie after all, but I will continue to call him Zippy.
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