Old Dog, New Tricks

I am 36 years old and I just got home from my first violin/fiddle lesson.  Fortunately it was a private lesson, so I did not have to explain to all the 10 year-old girls why a grown man, who (according to some) looks like Chuck Norris and has a bum leg, is in their class.

The cats in the neighborhood are drawn to my house now.

On a whim I decided to purchase a violin with the intention of learning to play a few Irish traditional reels, folk tunes or jigs.  Not wanting to take too much of a risk, I purchased a violin, case, tuner, two bows, extra strings and rosin as a beginner’s packaged deal from an online retailer, who shall remain nameless (unless they would like to pay me for advertising them, then I will drop their anonymity faster than my standards) all for under $90.  Considering a good violin falls in the $400-500 range I was not jumping into the deep end feet first on this one.

I received the violin yesterday and showed great restraint by not playing it or fooling around with it until I got to my first lesson.  After I opened the box and made sure everything was there that was supposed to be there, I got on the Internet to look for a teacher.  Cambria Moss had exactly what I was looking for on her informative website.  Right there, in her musical biography web page: She also studied Irish fiddle at Willie Clancy Irish Music School in Milton Malby, County Clare, Ireland.  I called the number provided and left a message.  Several hours later Miss Moss returned my call and asked a few questions, mainly why now and what do I want to achieve by learning the violin?  We talked about lessons and pricing and she offered her services for the very next day if I was interested.  As the old expression goes: strike while the iron is hot.  I decided I had best get started learning while the opportunity was within my reach, rather than wait and not be as enthusiastic about it (plus who knows how long I could have let it sit there, next to me, untouched).

I have been looking for outlets to help me pass the time during this recovery time period.  Recently my leg has felt strong enough for me to try swimming (without kicking my legs) and I have been trying to improve the website as well as write more blogs (though I tend to tend to think too much about the topic of discussion and fail to write).  So now that I am challenging my body and mind I figured it was time to challenge my soul.

Miss Moss is a wonderful teacher for someone like me who was excited about trying something new, but apprehensive about learning such a unique skill at such a late stage.  She sat down and inventoried everything in my case, explained what certain things did and why they were built a specific way.  She tuned my violin, made some beautiful sounding music come out of it, and assured me that I had made a sound investment.  Although the lesson was only supposed to be an hour, (and that is what I was charged) by the time I got back into my car to leave I had been there for two and a half hours!

I was given lots of homework, which I begin tomorrow; but right now I’m heading to a concert that I have been eagerly anticipating.  Expect another blog tomorrow with a review.

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  1. Lynn
    January 30, 2012

    Fantastic! I love this idea. Brian always wanted a strings in our band…

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