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A Fair to Remember

Six pictures, two entry forms and three dollars later...I'm entered into the 2013 Maui Fair.

Six pictures, two entry forms and three dollars later…I’m entered into the 2013 Maui Fair.

Yesterday, I completed a goal I had set for myself last fall.

I entered the 91st Maui Fair photo contest.

I had given myself a personal goal of entering at least one photo into this years fair.  I went to the Fair last year with an agenda.  I skipped the rides, hurried past the games…slowed down by the food…and made it to the photo wall (with a full stomach…what?! Nobody can resist the local food selection at the Maui Fair).  I was inspired by the selection of photographs on display to work my butt off this year and learn more about my emerging passion for photography.

I tried my best to go out as often as possible this past year and take my camera with me wherever I went.  Between working full-time, healing, physical therapy, being in a healthy relationship I found it hard to keep up with the motivation to get out there and shoot.

Looking through my catalog of photographs from 2013, it looks like I had 50+ days of getting outside and taking pictures of my environment.  a great goal for next year would be to double that amount to 100+ days.

Below are my six selections for this years Maui Fair.  I am entering in the “Open” division, since I am no longer considered “youth” and I am definitely not a professional.  There are three categories you can submit pictures for; Color, Monochrome/Black & White and Photo Art.  Photo Art is a tricky category, as it basically deals with work that has been manipulated digitally or in the darkroom.  A good guide would be, if you cannot achieve the effect in the camera, you would categorize it as photo art.

You are allowed two photographs for each category, therefore giving you six maximum submissions.  I decided to push myself and enter the maximum my first time out the gate.  The cost for entering the contest is three dollars, so it did not exactly break the bank to enter.  I did however learn that I am not very skilled when it comes to mounting my pictures on foam board.  That is a skill I have had zero practice in…and it shows.  Thank goodness for the invention of the exacto blade.

Drumroll please…

As mentioned (and featured) in a previous post, Iao Stream was one of my last submissions for the Fair.  It is a wonderful picture of which I am very proud of, but I had a hard time selecting it for the Fair, only because there are bound to be a dozen other entries with the same subject.

Iao Needle with 5 second shutter.

Iao Stream. Photo Art.

Sugar Cane Clouds is a shot I took on my way to Haleakala National Park.  I got an early start on an adventure of mine and pulled along side the road to snap this shot of the clouds and smoke dancing and mingling together.  The sun was still rising so it was trying to poke through and shine.

Vinny. Sugar Cane Burn

Sugar Cane Clouds. Photo Art.

Mail Call was taken on a nice morning stroll down one of my favorite quiet Upcountry roads.  How I wish I could live there and add my mailbox to this collection.

Vinny. Mail Call

Mail Call. Black and White.

Silversword Sentinel was taken one of the nights that the Perseid meteor showers peaked. Although I failed at catching a few meteors in a single, long exposure shot, I was able to get this amazing silversword in full bloom reaching towards the Milky Way.

A silversword plant reaches up to touch the stars.

Silversword Sentinel. Color.

Hide and Seek is just a fun picture.  I was out in Keanae, Maui, walking along the rugged shoreline when I happened to look down at the black lava rocks and the white broken coral pieces.  Right next to my foot was this little black crab, perfectly camouflaged and only moments from being under my shoe.  I love showing this picture to people because they just don’t see the crab until I point it out.

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek. Black and White.

Water Sprite is just one of those shots that won’t ever happen again.  I was shooting a sunset in Makena, Maui, and started to fall in love with the splash after the crash of the waves upon the rocks.  Instead of taking shots of this beautiful sunset, I’m taking pictures of water drops as they crash themselves upon the lava rocks.  It wasn’t until I got home and really looked through my shots that I began to see the image of a Sprite, leaping in front of the sun before she vanishes.

Water Sprite

Water Sprite. Color.

I am proud of myself for entering six photographs into this year’s Maui Fair.  It was a big step for me as an amateur photographer to prove that I’m able to capture and share some beautiful moments in life.  I am learning more than ever as a photographer, making mistakes, growing and I continue to see things that intrigue me.  I have been fortunate to have learned from patient and gifted teachers, whom I hope will continue to share their vision with others.

If you are interested in seeing all the talented photographers on Maui, head out to the 91st Maui Fair, Thursday, October 3rd through Sunday, October 6th.  General admission for adults is $7, or $5 on Sunday.  Kids 5-11 are $3, $2 on Sunday and kids 4 and under are free.

See you at the Fair!