A Game of Numbers

Last year I had set a personal goal for the future of my photography hobby, which was to submit at least one picture into the Maui Fair.  I achieved that goal by entering six photographs(two for each category) and taking home a ribbon for one of my black and white pictures.

Vinny. Mail Call
The award winning, “Mail Call.”

A new year is upon us, so the bar must be raised.

One of the goals I have set for myself for 2014 is to have over 200+ days of photography.  There is no shot limit, nor amount of time I have to spend shooting any particular subject, but the more I can get out there, the more I can see, the more I can learn or make mistakes and eventually create better pictures.

To add some perspective to my lofty goal, in 2013 I had just under 100 days of photography.  I am definitely aiming high in 2014.

A Game of Numbers.
A Game of Numbers.

Let’s do the math.  I am employed full time, so I have 52 weekends to get out there and find images to shoot with my camera.


So, 52 weekends turn into 104 days I am not scheduled to work.  No work means I do not have to be somewhere for 8 or more hours during those days.  I do not have to get up and be somewhere before the sun rises or come home after the sun has set.


104 out of 365 is respectable, but let us not forget the goal of all working stiffs, the one magical word that makes it all worthwhile…VACATION…or paid time off.  Conservatively, I average 3 weeks of paid time off (PTO) a year, or 15 days (you can’t count the 3 weekends or six days I already figured into the 104 days off).

So now we are up to 119 days to myself and my camera.


119 out of 365 is a nice number.  I’d prefer 182.5 out of 365, which would be half of the year.  Being a photography enthusiast and amateur I suppose dedicating half of the year to a hobby might be considered excessive.  I guess I need to make income off of my photography if I expect to get anymore time devoted to taking pictures.

In order to get 200+ days of photography under my belt in 2014, I really have to focus on getting out and about when I am free form work or other commitments that keep my camera in my backpack.  Some solutions (both quick and long term) to help me hit my goal this year are as follows:

  • Attend more Maui Camera Club outings.
  • Create more Maui Camera Club outings.  More outings equals more opportunities.
  • Attend less Maui Camera Club meetings, which take place during sunset times and usually involve zero picture taking.
  • Getting a 9 to 5 job would also help immensely, as I would be available for sunrises and sunsets even on work days.
  • Getting a side job as a photography assistant would boost my days of shooting immensely.
  • Bring my camera everywhere! (even when I run down to the grocery store for a six pack of Jolt cola and a few Slim-Jims)
  • Take more photography classes.
  • Make friends with more photographers.
  • Edit less, shoot more.
  • Volunteer to take friends and family’s pictures.
  • Pay attention to local event calendars so I can attend and shoot more events.

200+ days of taking pictures will be quite the challenge for me this year, but at the very least I know that I’m going to enjoy trying to shatter my goal.

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