Everyday Inspiration: Part II

I haven’t emptied my phone of the accumulation of random pictures in awhile, so I think it’s time to treat my readers to a glimpse at things that made me smile, scratch my head or just wanna walk away.  Fortunately, I snapped a picture to share with all of you before the moment passed.

It’s all about the visual element first, then the smart-ass captions.

Purse Face
Random purse face.
Happy Sandwich
You know lunch is going to be delicious when your sandwich is so happy to see you.
Spatula Smile
Even with the melted skin, this spatula still had a big smile for me.
Sign Post Face
This sign post had a great poker face, very tough to read.
Zombie Permit
Found this on the bumper of someone’s truck.  Very clever.
Protected by Vikings!
Screw you ADT and Vivant, my place is protected by Vikings!  Violators will be raped and pillaged.
Rickets Baby
A family bathroom for a mother, a father and a child with rickets.  They are getting really specific on who is welcome to use their facilities.
Seedless seeds?
This one blew my mind. Seedless seeds? Sweet indeed!
Maui Time
If you haven’t encountered the concept of “Maui Time,” this is an excellent representation…in sticker form.
The bumper sticker on the bottom left reads, “Consciousness Creates Matter.”  I found this ironic as they clearly are not conscious of the fact that they are stopped in the middle of the crosswalk.  Also, the “Practice Aloha” sticker does not help their situation.
Drinking toilet
Greatest drinking fountain ever made.  It can be found in San Francisco’s exploratorium.

I assume this painting below is entitled, “The Ghost Angel of Death.”

Angel of Death
At first glance it looks like a sweet painting of a child picking flowers for his little girlfriend with a guardian angel watching over him.  Upon closer inspection the angel looks like he is ready to push the boy into the raging waterfall below, which will be easily achieved since there is no railing on the side of the bridge the boy is leaning from.  Notice how the ghost angel is clearly concerned for his/her own safety on this wooden bridge because they are holding on to the railing.
Bottle Cap
Dear Budweiser: Call it whatever makes you feel like you are innovative, hip and pushing the boundaries of the mass-production of beer, but you and I both know it’s just a bottle cap.
WHen does a Mini Cooper look like an SUV?
When does a Mini Cooper look like a SUV?  When it’s next to a Smart Car.
So players and coaches can't smoke?  Or is it that there is no smoking, except for players and coaches?
So players and coaches can’t smoke? Or is it that there is no smoking, except for players and coaches?  Better spacing or a simple color change might help this message become more clear.

That’s all the random inspiration for now.  We will do it again, when my camera phone gets too crowded.

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