Photo Adventure: Lahaina

Who is up for an early morning photo adventure?

I find myself posting this question on my Facebook status quite a bit lately, with very few responses.  The thing about taking pictures is that I always want to shoot something I haven’t shot before.  With a limited budget, as well as limited vacation schedule, one has to make due with the resources within reach.  Fortunately on Maui, you could photograph the sunrises and sunsets until the end of days and you would see something different every day.  Recently I stumbled upon a treasure map of sorts, as a fun resource for new photographic opportunities.

Unlike most treasure maps, X does not mark the spot on this glossy, mass-produced, free map.  In fact, this map has sixty-two spots that could be potential treasure troves…of photographic inspiration.  The map I am referring to is the West Maui Free Map, printed by Menehune Maps and found at most activity brochure racks, as well as most hotel concierge desks on the island of Maui.

Ye intruders beware…oops, wrong map.
Ye intruders beware…oops, wrong map.

The map has a fun, hand-drawn map of Maui, as well as detailed renditions of towns such as Kapalua, Napili, Kahana, Honokowai, Ka’anapali and Lahaina.  The maps are drawn by a local artist named Guy Junker and has that great feel I used to find on older postcards when we travelled the country as a family.  I was always drawn to the postcards that had the state we were visiting drawn out and each point of interest in the state had a fun icon on the map.

The points of interest on the close-up of the Lahaina town guide include a key that includes all sixty-two stops along the Lahaina Historic Trail.

The former Capitol of the Hawaiian Kingdom in all its touristy glory.
The former Capitol of the Hawaiian Kingdom in all its touristy glory.

I am proposing a full day adventure in the town of Lahaina, walking the fifty-five acre Historic Trail and taking photographs at all sixty-two historic sites.

Logistics could be tough, depending on how many people would like to join me, but I’m thinking of starting at one end at sunrise, work our way to the other end, stopping along the way for food, drinks, and educating ourselves by reading informative historical placards.  Getting to visit the art gallery in the downstairs jail gallery at the Old Lahaina Courthouse would be a bonus, since they are featuring the Lahaina Arts Society, 7th Annual Photo Maui Juried Photography Exhibition.

I would like to start at sunrise and end at sunset, but that is up for debate.  If we complete all sixty-two before sunset, then perhaps we can drive to Ka’anapali, Kapalua, Nakalele blowhole or Honolua Bay depending ton the conditions.  Heck…we could just head to Maui Breweing Company and order their delicious root beer on tap.

Items recommended for this adventure would include, but are not limited to: a reliable alarm clock, comfortable walking shoes, your camera, an extra camera battery, a selection of lenses if you like hauling them around, filters if you desire, a tripod (again, if you like hauling it around), sunscreen, a good hat, sunglasses, and food or snacks (or money for food or snacks).  I have a selection of Nikon lenses if any other anybody is looking to try something new.

Carpooling would be a smart way to enjoy this adventure and I can volunteer 3 car spaces or a full size pickup truck bed for a small army.

Lahaina's Historic Trail Key.
Lahaina’s Historic Trail Key.  62 possible photo ops in one day.

The Lahaina Historic Trail is something anyone who lives on Maui can enjoy whenever they make it out to the west side.  I am going to attempt to complete the trail in one shot, but there are shorter versions you can do if your time is limited.  The important thing is to get outdoors and immerse yourself in your surroundings.  It is also a great opportunity to meet people who share your hobby and passion for photography.

Take only pictures.  Leave only footprints.

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