Rest in Peace, Mr. Norris

Today, I began volunteering up at Haleakala National Park again.  It was the first time since before my motorcycle collision that I was able to help out up at the trailhead to Sliding Sands.  Between my recovery time, my work schedule, the government shut-down, and government furloughs, I was not sure I was ever going to get back up there to help out.  But this morning, standing there in the sideways, wind-driven mist, collecting the condensation on my chin hairs, I realized I had reached the point where I have had enough of my beard. As soon as I got home I went right into the bathroom and began changing my future.

“Death once had a near-Chuck Norris experience.”

I don’t mind bragging when I tell you that I’ve killed Chuck Norris…on multiple occasions.  The most recent occurrence happened earlier this evening, when I came home and decided to shave my beard.

Random strangers, as well as friends have told me I resemble the infamous Mr. Chuck Norris when I allow my beard to grow out.  I don’t see it, but then again, I only see me when I look into the mirror.  I’ve had fun with the comparisons in the past and will do so in the future, but tonight, they died in my bathroom sink.  What started with a serious trim, turned into a full-on deforestation of my chin region.

I enjoy having the ability to change my appearance from time to time through haircuts and growing/removing facial hair.  It can be fun to try and bring mutton chops back for a few hours or to see what Charlie Chaplin was thinking with that little ‘stache of his.  I’ve had this beard since my last vacation in June, so it was definitely time for a change.

Soon to be gone are the thousands of Chuck Norris jokes people tend to remember when they see me coming.  Gone are the Movember questions, the Red Sox congratulations, and the Duck Dynasty comparisons.  From now until I take another vacation, my chin will have to face the elements alone and my celebrity comparisons will suffer greatly.

Just like poor Yorick, I too am a fellow of infinite jest, but sometimes I wouldn’t mind some originality thrown in there.  So until I grow my beard again, I’ll keep my chin up, head held high, and face the world clean-shaven.

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