Kindness Is A Ford-able

This blog is related to, “A Much Needed Pickup in My Life.”  Feel free to read that blog first before you continue.

The other night, as I walked to my truck after work, I was greeted by a note left under my windshield wiper blade.  I assumed it was a love note of some sort from your run-of-the-mill stalker (I cannot tell you how many times this happens to me…mostly because my stalkers are so good at what they do, I never hear or see them…they are THAT good).

The note read, “I have a fender-trim for your beautiful truck. If you would like it, please call me. Chris”

stalker note
Worst stalker note ever left.  No promise of sex, being best friends for life, or even dismemberment.

I called Chris and found out he used to own a 1985 Ford F-150 and he had the driver’s side chrome wheel-trim I was missing on my truck.  He had no use for it, so he offered to drop it in the bed of my truck when next we worked the same day.

Originally, when I purchased the truck from the owner, he promised to drop off the missing piece of chrome trim at an undecided future date.  After an obscene amount of time went by, I contacted the young man, but received no response.  I left several messages over the course of many months and never got a response from this ____________ (insert appropriate noun here, preferably ending with word -bag).  So much for being a man of his word when we agreed on the sale of the vehicle.

Eventually, I gave up trying to bang my head against the wall and decided to take matters into my own hands.  I went to Herman’s Junk Yard out in the middle of nowhere in Haiku here on Maui.  Herman was able to get me a piece of chrome trim from a Ford Bronco, but when I got home, the piece just never lined up correctly.  It simply did not fit.  I would not say the trip was a complete waste of time, only because it was a cheap piece of trim and  Herman was such a nice man, who definitely went out of his way for me.

Thanks to another kind-hearted individual, all my frustrations with that simple piece of trim ended a few nights later.  After work, I got to my truck to find another note and four pieces of trim siting in the back of my truck.

The follow-up note read, “Aloha Vinnie! (sic) I don’t need any of the trim so I gave you the whole set. Enjoy Chris”

second note
The follow-up note from a very generous person.

Thanks to the kindness of Christoph Medwed, the Grand Wailea Resort and Spa’s Napua Gallery Art Consultant, my truck is as beautiful as a work of art.  I’m considering asking the Napua Art Gallery if they would like to feature it as a display in their gallery.

The truck
The piece above the front wheel is the newest addition to “Betty.”
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