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Spreading Myself Thin

It’s been just over one week since we got back home from our amazing trip to New York and Ireland.  After the initial day or two of getting our bodies back on to Maui time, it has seemed like a non-stop push to get things done.

In the short amount of time we have been back home, I’ve been back at work for more than a week with a sense of renewed energy when facing challenges that normally would put me off.  I celebrated my birthday.  I volunteered for two hours on my day off this week to learn more about the Maui County Veterans Association to find out what they do and how I may be of assistance to them in the future.  I revamped the Photography 101 section of cyngle.com and introduced the newest challenge for those interested in participating (you can find that here).  Tomorrow is the 59th Makawao rodeo, so you know where I’ll be all weekend.  Next Friday, I am volunteering back atop Haleakala National Park helping to educate visitors who want to hike down into the crater.  Of course, I will still be working my forty hours a week at the resort.

All these activities have definitely hindered my ability to write a blog of any substance, and for that I apologize.

My goal for the next month is to share with you some stories from our three-week adventure from Maui to New York to Ireland and back again.  It was truly a trip of a lifetime, so I hope I can do it justice with my pictures and words.

Until I have something more substantial, this will have to do.

Insert baahd joke here.

Insert baahd joke here.