Monday, February 13th

The following blog is an improvised rant that gets a little out of control.  If you would like to skip it, you can go right to a new page I added onto the blog called Within My Grasp.  It is a page that will see some changes over the course of time and may change with my mood.

I bookended my weekend with irritants which put a damper on a nice Sunday night at Mulligans with Dad, Sandy and Kristen.

Friday I had become so frustrated with my doctor that I called his office repeatedly until I was able to corner someone for information, of course, they didn’t have any for me, so we decided it would be best for me to speak to the doctor face to face.  So now my Valentine’s Day will be spent briefly with my surgeon…it’s been nine months, should I bring him flowers or chocolates?  This may be one of the longer relationships I’ve been a part of recently.

After I had left my first message on the doctor’s phone I decided to call my health insurance company to see if they could help me get faster attention in this particular matter.  The lady claimed that she could have her supervisor call the doctor directly to see what the hold up was on his end and that after they spoke she could call me back.  I asked her if I did not hear back from her by 4pm, what time should I call back.  She assured me that  they would be calling me back that afternoon…it’s Monday, they’re closed…and I’m still waiting.  No accountability.

This all stems from me wanting to get a special 3D cat scan, which is not offered here on Maui.  I would have to fly over to O’ahu to have the scan taken, but a doctor needs to order the procedure, and my insurance pays for the flight over.  The health insurance company requires you have your primary care physician sign off on it, so I called and asked her to do that.  A few days later she politely declined and suggested I get one of the two surgeons I am seeing to order it.  The cat scan being on O’ahu, I decided to call the surgeon over there in hopes of saving time…boy was I wrong.  After a few weeks the O’ahu  surgeon’s office called and suggested that I have the Maui surgeon order it, since I have been working with him the longest.

This started the week after Christmas…tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.  At what point am I allowed to scream?  For a man with one good leg I am amazingly adept at jumping through hoops…although I still get tangled in the red tape.

Friday, I also called the law firm handling my motorcycle accident.  I had sent the firm an email eight days prior, but had not received a response.  Nobody was available, so I left a less than pleasant message on the head lawyer’s voicemail asking him what I did to piss them off enough to treat me so badly.  Two hours later he called me back.

My dealings with this law firm have been downright awful to put it mildly.  They treat me like a number and do not have to common courtesy to speak to me like a human being, let alone a human being who is going through a life changing event.  They are poor at communicating details of the case that I feel I should be informed of, they failed to ask my opinion on a matter concerning the outcome of the case and are just unpleasant people.  In the few times, during the past nine months, I have spoken to the firm they are apologetic (feigning sympathetic) and claim they normally aren’t like this and I am the exception, not the rule.  That is all well and good if you say something, then follow up to make sure that what you promise is done, but this firm has failed multiple times and once again it was me taking the initiative to call them to point out their failures, rather than them standing up for their inactions.  All the times they have failed, not one person has taken the blame.  I guess that means they are very good at their job because a lawyer’s job is to put the blame on others first.

I had to be alert by 6:30am this morning, due to a phone interview with a company filing my social security disability benefits.  The interview took 90 minutes and more than half of that was silence while the lady typed my answers.  I could not figure out why they couldn’t just email or mail the questions she was asking me.  Not only that, but the poor lady mumbled and did not enunciate her words, so she had to ask some questions multiple times until I understood what she was asking.  Apparently this application procedure can take 4-6 months and the first application is usually denied.  Bring on the paperwork.

After the interview I was hoping to use the pool to swim and release some of this pent up frustration, but since my Dad is visiting I gave him my car to borrow and with it a bit of my freedom.

I wish I could say that days like today are rare, but throughout these past nine months I have had more days like today than I care to remember.  Dealing with Aetna and my short term disability alone took three years off my life.

I apologize for using this blog to vent, but this seems to easier than unloading on one poor friend who cannot do anything but listen…although, if I shared all of this in person at least I could get a sympathy hug from it.

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A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives. - Jackie Robinson

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  1. Lynn
    February 15, 2012

    I am sorry Vinny. I love you.

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