Product Review: Edison Bulb & Globe Lights

In order to serve my best interests, and increase revenue through the amazon associates program, I would like to share a blog about a purchase I made a few months back.

In an attempt to put a little love into our backyard patio dining area, we purchased two strings of old-fashioned, real glass, globe lights. Loosely hung from the ceiling, high above the dining area, the setup is reminiscent of any movie you’ve ever seen with a backyard wedding or a dinner party in Tuscany. In other words, it’s picture perfect.

String of pearls.
Like a beautiful string of pearls.

Ordered through, the globe lights arrived quickly and they were well packaged. I had read reviews earlier and I made sure that I removed all the glass bulbs from their sockets before I hung the two lengths of lights. Taking that simple step before hanging the lights cost me only a few extra minutes in preparation, but saved me a lot of cursing and swearing, had I shattered any bulbs. The string of globe lights are hanging under the back patio, so we didn’t bother buying the all-weather lights (which are at least double the price).

The original lighting in the backyard was much more violent. Instead of nice warm light, the outdoor patio was lit by two, four foot long fluorescent tubes. The cold, white light exploded outwards trying to flood in every crack and crevasse. It also seemed to attract ever form of flying insect within a two-mile radius. I moved that harsh fluorescent fixture to the front of the house, into our carport. The one that was originally there was inconsistent on a good night. Some times it would light up, other times it would think about illuminating and just sort of hummed a bit. I did not see the need to waste a fixture that worked flawlessly every time I flipped the light switch on, so I tossed the old fixture and put up the better one.

After I removed the fluorescent light fixture form the back lanai, I installed an allen + roth twelve inch bronze mission pendant light. The new light fixture uses an Edison style bulb, which has a soft, warm glow to it. The filament bulb is just over four inches long and is a new take on an old idea. The vintage style bulb is fascinating to watch as it comes alive. Quite, warm, soothing, the pendant light compliments the glass string bulb lights perfectly.

The warm glow of an Edison style light bulb.
The warm glow of an Edison style light bulb.

The backyard sitting area lighting project did not take much time to complete and the price tag was under $250 after all was said and done. More important than the cost is the fact that I did not shock myself while working with electricity.

Globe lights in the backyard.
Globe lights in the backyard.

Now we have more reasons and less excuses to enjoy our meals sitting in the backyard. So if you bring the wine, we’ll provide the setting.

Black and white light.
Black and white light.
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