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Everyday Inspiration: Part IV

It has been over a year since I went through my phone and shared some of the things that made me laugh, inspired me, or left me scratching my head while out and about. Enjoy the pictures and remember to look around you, wherever you go.  You never know what you will find out there.

photo 1-3

Look up “Hawaiian pidgin” if this sticker makes no sense to you.


I am getting conflicting messages. Of all the places to place the picnic table, maybe under the “No Eating Allowed” sign was not the best place for it.


I love happy luggage at work. It makes me smile, even after I throw my back out lifting an 80 pound suitcase.


Humorless luggage racks are the eyes of OSHA. They make sure I am lifting and placing properly.


This looked a little too much like a skull in the rock wall.

photo 14-2

When your ice cream looks like Jimmy Durante with a smile, you know it’s going to be delicious.

photo 13-2

These two items belong together…

photo 16

…whereas these two items belong a heck of a lot further away from each other.

photo 11-2

If you remain injury free long enough everyone gets meth! Now that is some serious workplace motivation, sponsored by Walter White. Less injuries AND less teeth.

photo 18

Look at it again…so close.

photo 19

I think I’ve worked and had drinks with some of these employees.

photo 20

Jewelry set face.

photo 5-2

Remote control surprised face.

photo 9

Wrong place at the wrong time. This gecko failed, big time.

photo 8

Hell’s Yes! Goodbye Kenny G and hello Tenacious D.

photo 7

The price seems reasonable enough to pique my curiosity. I’m intrigued.

photo 6

Loving this advertisement.

photo 10

Krispy Kreme happy monkey face.

photo 3-2

When you sell rubber hand pens, don’t leave room on the price card for people to test said rubber hand pens.

photo 4-2

Just in case you were super curious as to what a rubber hand pen looked like.

photo 2-2

Love it!