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A Walk in Makena

I found myself at Makena Landing on my day of this week, so I walked South towards the resort with my camera in hand and wandered the trail, hoping to find some hidden treasure along the way. I will let you be the judge of whether I found some or not.

My first stop was at the old Keawala’i Church. Founded in 1832, this small coral and wooden church conducts Christian ceremony in Hawaiian and English on Sundays. The grounds are small and should be treated with reverence when one explores around the church. Huge plumeria trees stand guard over the graveyard and shower the headstones with a multitude of different color plumeria flowers.

makena pano2

Keawala’i Church, Makena, Hawai’i.

makena pano1

Four shot panoramic composite of the sign.


Looking from the outside of the outside window, into the inside window across the way, looking outward.


For God and Country.

Leaving the church grounds, I walked to Makena Beach and Golf Resort, which is less than a quarter of a mile away. As I meandered through the resort grounds I found this lone palm tree mesmerizing. It called to me to take a picture of its slender figure and tropical allure. The white clouds and blue sky helped to make the perfect background.


Hearing the beautiful call of a cardinal nearby, I found this feathered friend sitting in a plumeria tree, watching me walk beneath them. This cardinal was not disturbed by me moving closer and closer to it, as I attempted to get the shot I wanted. Cardinals are plentiful out here, yet when I lived in Arizona for a time, I never noticed any (which is ironic because their professional football team is the Arizona Cardinals).


I walked from the resort back to Makena landing where I began my adventure. The weather was warm and wonderful and I am looking forward to my next day off and where it may lead me…and my camera.