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Blame Canada

Last night, my Sunday evening “home away from home,” Mulligans on the Blue, celebrated their 15th anniversary.

15 years!!!

15 years!!!

The place was busy and all the ghosts of Mulligans past seemed to come out to support their favorite pub. The original lineup for the Celtic Tigers played for three hours and there were a few guest appearances by other musicians who have graced the stage during the fifteen years Mullys has been open.

The big excitement was a drawing to win a trip for two to Ireland, including airfare and five nights accomodation. I had my heart set on that trip. I wanted it so badly I could taste it…but in hindsight that may have been the Guinness I was tasting. I was hoping myself, Emily, or someone we knew won the trip, but it was not to be. A visitor from Canada, who allegedly just bought his ticket five minutes prior to the drawing won.

I woke up today with a serious dislike for Canada. I’m sure it will pass, but for now I have placed a ban on my iTunes playlist…No Rush, No Nickelback, No Neil Young, No Alanis Morissette, No Drake, No Bryan Adams, and certainly No Justin Bieber!

A lot of my anger went away as I mowed the lawn today. My tears helped to water the freshly cut grass. Since the Canadian dollar is not as strong as it has been, I offered to buy the trip from the winner at about half its face value. I have not received a response.

I already have a wonderful life, so I will not dwell on this missed opportunity too long. I have an amazing wife, a beautiful home, a good job with wonderful co-workers who I respect and enjoy spending time with, we have money in the bank, our health is good, and we have the ability to travel in the future.

Now that I write these things down, maybe I’ve already won.

And now for something completely different.

I gave our front doors a facelift. I say front doors (plural) because we have the door from the carport into the kitchen, as well as, the main front door to the front of the house (which nobody uses, except solicitors and Jehovah’s Witnesses). The original red was pretty faded, so we spiced it up a bit and made it pop more…think of the red you might find on poinsettia tree. The contrast between the red door, light blue house, and white trim is wonderful.



Yard work is always available to take up my time. I try to keep up with it, but it always remains one step ahead of me. I have gotten in the habit of having my camera near me when I spend time in our backyard. I never know what beauty I may find outside. The other day a jackson chameleon was boldly walking away from the safety of the hibiscus hedges, slowly making her way to our mountain apple tree. The pink and purple mountain apple blossoms on the ground made this picture simply spectacular.

Miss Jackson among the mountain apple blossoms.

Miss Jackson among the mountain apple blossoms.

I shot a sunset (I never said this blog had life changing news). This is something I realize I rarely do. I have no excuse for not shooting more magical Maui sunsets (besides my horribly irregular work hours). Maybe I should make that a priority for next year? I would need to buy some neutral density filters and shoot the heck out of the sunrises and sunsets on Maui, so feel free to support my hobby and do some online shopping on amazon after you finish reading this blog.

Makena sunset.

Makena sunset.

Jonny Hooks, his two beautiful daughters, and I had a wonderful day exploring upcountry Maui last Thursday, looking for jacaranda trees to photograph. While searching for the perfect shot, we came to the realization that jacaranda trees are drawn to power lines. All the best trees seem to have utility lines going under, over, or through them.


Upcountry at it’s finest. A horse, a chicken, a jacaranda tree, some fence, and a John Deere.


We should not always be looking up to spot something beautiful.


This poor mushroom never had a chance.

While driving around we stumbled upon a small church I had never seen before. It was tiny, and simple, but very beautiful. The grounds were immaculate and the jacaranda tree was blooming nicely.

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I haven’t had any one big topic or adventure to write a complete blog about lately, so I hope this hodgepodge of life’s adventures was coherent enough to follow. I felt the need to share some of my recent experiences in blog form, but could not get excited to fill an entire blog with any one of these exploits.