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Plans Gone Awry

I suppose I should begin this blog a bit off topic and give you an update on my current adventure.

The Flogging Molly concert in Vegas was great.  From the free parking to the special handicap entrance and to the fact that nobody asked me for my ticket to get in.  Doors opened at 6PM, so I thought I would be smart and arrive after some of the opening acts played.  I walked into the arena around 7:30PM, just in time to catch about 5 songs from the opening act.  After them, another act.  After them, yet another act.  I forget sometimes that in the real world (not Maui county) events can continue past 10PM.  Flogging Molly hit the stage at 9:20PM and the put on a full energy concert.  The band sounded great, lots of energy, having a bit of fun, while the crowd was going wild…just the perfect combination.

Flogging Molly, Thomas & Mack Center.

I got back to the hotel after 11PM and fell asleep immediately.  The next morning I was out the door and on the road by 730AM.  I made it down to Phoenix by 1130AM and waited to check into my hotel early.  I was able to shower and attempted to lie down for an hour or so to get a quick nap before the concert in Tempe.  As I was lying in bed, leg elevated, I began to hear a thumping noise outside my ground floor window.  I reluctantly got out of bed and drew back the curtains to reveal a half-court basketball court (brilliant idea to put in in the courtyard, surrounded by rooms).  Eventually the ballers left and I was able to sleep for an hour.

Before the concert I met up with several good friends at a typical college bar on Mill Avenue in Tempe.  I will write another blog in the future about friendship, but these are people I consider to be of the highest caliber of friends.  We are a close-knit group who enjoy each others company, although getting us all together in the same spot at the same time is becoming increasingly harder due to our lifestyles.

The concert was at Tempe Town Lake Amphitheater, an outdoor venue.  The forecast was calling for rain, but instead we got lots of clouds and some high wind gust from time to time (made for a dry, dusty night…not good for contact lenses or sinuses).  We found a bench to the right of the stage away from the crowd and used that as our base of operations.  I sat and people watched, with great delight, at all the amazing (and not so amazing) variety of fans that came out to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Should have stayed in bed.

The plan for today was to drive up to Flagstaff, Arizona with a friend, stay the night and look at some property on Monday morning.  Mother nature has decided to change those plans and it is snowing so heavily in Flagstaff this morning that interstate highway (I-17) is closed for 41 exits leading up towards Flagstaff.  The main point of this adventure was to look at the property in Flag.  I will have to figure out a new course of action if and when they decide to open up the highway.

And just to prove the point of this blog, the fire alarm in my hotel went off while I was writing this.  Unbelievable, you can’t make this stuff up.

Today has made me think of the very famous phrase in one of Robbie Burns’ poems:

To a Mouse, On turning her up in her nest with the plough

But Mouse, you are not alone,
In proving foresight may be vain:
The best laid schemes of mice and men
Go often askew,
And leaves us nothing but grief and pain,
For promised joy!

– Robert Burns, November 1785

Burns was a poet, but could not survive on the paltry sum he brought in from writing.  Fortunately, he was also a farmer.  Allegedly, this poem was a direct result of him disturbing a mouse’s nest while ploughing his field.

In an attempt to look for the silver lining, two positives can be found in all of this:

  1. I will get to spend today with my niece and nephews, rather than just one evening.
  2. I made you read poetry.