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Fair Exposure

Emily and I went to the Maui Fair this weekend to be a part of a tradition that is celebrating its 94th year on Maui. We are not really into the rickety, overpriced rides, but we love to view the photo salon and school artwork, admire the livestock winners, and of course, eat some amazing local food. Once the sun went down and our bellies were full of chow fun and roasted pork, it was time for my camera to make a brief appearance, so I setup my tripod and took a few long exposure shots of the rides.

Here is a helpful tip for anyone using a tripod in the middle of a bustling area. It is always good to have a partner to help protect your tripod legs from being kicked, bumped, or knocked over when shooting in crowded spaces. I try to protect one or two legs by setting up against a barrier or fence, but Emily was the best tripod leg bouncer I could have asked for. She kept the drunks, punks, any runaway strollers, the completely oblivious, and the carnies away from me while I was taking pictures. It was much easier to focus (pun intended) on the task at hand without having to worry about an accident waiting to happen.

I used my 24-70mm f/2.8 lens for all the shots. Using the manual setting I varied my exposure lengths (shutter speed) and the amount of light I let in (aperture setting) for just about every shot, in order to find the look I wanted. Sometimes I liked the motion blur of people swinging by, other times I just wanted to see the bright colors pop. The length of the rides seemed super short (as if they weren’t making enough money off of people), so setting up and getting the shot usually took me a few rounds.


I am always excited to shoot long exposure light shots. The next opportunity will probably be after Thanksgiving, when the Grand Wailea turns the holiday lights on the monkey pod trees in the main entrance to the resort.