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What could be better than getting something of substance in the mail? When I say something of substance, I mean a letter from an acquaintance, a package from a store, not a bill, or an advertisement, or an offer for the newest credit card. I don’t want to keep you in suspense, but the only thing better than getting something special in your mailbox is if that special something comes all the way from Ireland!

While cruising the troll-infested waters of the interwebs, I stumbled upon an interesting Irish blog a few months back. Roaringwater Journal is presented by a couple living in Roaringwater Bay, County Cork, Ireland. The website covers a wide range of adventures around their home and in their county and country. In their own words:

Finola Finlay and Robert Harris feel fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth: Roaringwater Bay in West Cork, Ireland. In this blog we will explore landscape, archaeology, history, music, language, architecture, food, culture and local events to give our readers a sense of what life is like in this wild, remote, but surprisingly sophisticated place.

The blog post that piqued my curiosity was one about a Cork artist who dreamt small to make it big. Tiny Ireland, created by Anke Eckardt, is “[a]n ingenious collection of paper model kits, so simple even adults can build them!” The website is easy to navigate and displays her beautiful collection of paper models built as well as deconstructed.

After browsing for a few moments, and reminiscing about when we visited some of the models in real life, I placed my order for a handful of the A5 kit cards. The A5 cards are tiny, tiny models that are eight by six inches and are blank on the inside, so they make great gifts and you can write notes inside. For a few euro each, the A5 kits make a fun gift to send to friends (I am already speaking from experience, as I have gifted a few already) and only cost one regular stamp to send (within the States).

The instructions are simple enough to follow. Where there are pictures of scissors, you cut; where it says to score and fold, you score and fold; and where it says to glue…you guessed it, you glue.


The Tiny Dingle model even come with a miniature statue of Fungie the dolphin, a local legend and celebrity of Dingle Town.

There was one error when I received my order, so I sent Anke an email and she not only sent me the correct card immediately, but also included a second tiny kit as a bonus. It was a sweet gesture and one of those things that will forever endear her company to me.

I have hired a crew of LEGO men to help with the construction, bought a hard hat and high visibility shirt for safety, and I cannot wait to start constructing my own Tiny Ireland. Once my project is complete, I will fill a thimble with Guinness and toast my own success.

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  1. March 8, 2017

    Glad you enjoy Roaringwater Journal! Thanks for your lovely comments. Finola

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