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Upcountry Morning Walks

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The past three Sundays Emily and I have had the opportunity to wake up without any alarm and go for long morning walks. I cannot think of a better way to start the day, than to get outside and take stock of the neighborhood. There is nothing like walking around upcountry on Maui, especially in spring when the Jacaranda trees are beginning to bloom.

Since we live in a rural area, we get to see all sorts of farm animals, as well as the occasional deer, owl, or peacock running wild through the pasture land. It is such a peaceful experience, as well as great exercise traversing the ups and downs of the hills.

Some people put balloons or signs out for others to find the party. Upcountry, they put axis deer skulls, complete with antlers.This Mercury has the best hood ornament in the neighborhood.Excellent use of manhole covers for street graffiti.

When the weather doesn’t cooperate, or we want to mix things up, we gravitate towards Kula and walk along Thompson Road. Horses and cows are standard sightings, and if we get lucky we see deer, pheasants, and the rare owl. The bonus for walking Thompson Road is stopping by Grandmaʻs Coffee House afterwards for a delicious baked treat (my current favorite is the blueberry cobbler) or breakfast.

Before we left the house I grabbed my 70-200mm lens with a two times teleconverter with the hope of catching an owl. The power of positive thinking worked.

Axis deer, way in the distance.There are plenty of pheasants on the slopes of Haleakala. They may not be easy to spot, but you can hear them all over the place.

I had to share a glamour shot of this beauty. She followed directions and gave me the perfect pose. I love working with professionals.

I hope the weather and my work schedule continue to allow us to make these walks a weekly thing. Watching the world wake up slowly and getting exercise while carrying a camera is the only way to go…provided the rain clouds stay away.