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Easter Walk

Emily and I took a wonderful early morning walk around our neighborhood and into Makawao Town this lovely Easter morning. I was able to shake off the long work week, and we were able to say good morning and happy Easter to the donkeys, horses, cows, pheasants, chickens, and goats we ran into.

Horse hair caught on a barbwire fence.

The jacaranda trees are blooming upcountry. Pastoral scenes like this one can’t get any better than right now.

This cowboy was just moseying along Baldwin Avenue with his trusty gee-tar and purple cowboy hat. 

Did I mention that the jacaranda trees are blooming?

This hen had her feathers full of no less than eight sweet baby chicks to feed. Baby chicks and Easter go together like rainbows and unicorns. 

Although the eclectic store Collections was closed for Easter, we were still able to window shop their card series with fun definitions.

This little lady was trying so hard to get to the good stuff on the other side of the fence. Ssssstttttrrrrretch!

We had this field of sweet little goat butts all to ourselves.

I’m so glad we had today off together, and the weather was absolutely perfect. There is no better cure for working six days a week and long hours each day than taking a long walk on your one day off. It really recharges you to get ready for yet another long week at work.

I am not sure how this day could have been any better…oh wait, yes I do, we are having mashed potatoes and corn with dinner tonight!