Invasion of the Golden Army

Emily and I did our Sunday walk around Makawao this morning, and much to our surprise, we found that Makawao Town was occupied by army soldiers. Someone, who shall remain nameless (only because I don’t know their name), has placed gold painted plastic army men toys throughout Makawao Town among inconspicuous places.

To give you an idea of scale, look at the picture above, then look at the picture below. The same two army men above can be spotted in the photo below on the electric meter, to the left of the help wanted sign and slightly upwards, below the roofline. It was a lot of fun looking for the golden army men as we walked up Baldwin Avenue. Kudos for whoever had the imagination and desire to place them on most of the electric meters or fuse panels for the businesses in Makawao. It is fun, whimsy street art that doesn’t destroy or hurt anything. In fact, I think it adds to the historic Makawao Town walking tour.

Below are some other pictures I took along the way.Self-portrait in the restaurant window…PASS.How much is that kitty in the window?This fun guy is made from horseshoes.I am a sucker for a well-placed strand of lights.If you look above the low clouds, and below the high clouds, Science City sits proudly atop Haleakala.Cat on a cool tin roof. It just doesn’t sound right.This horse was just tired of standing around with the rest of the herd.If you didn’t know, now you know. Saint Joseph feast, May 5-7, Makawao. Be there, or don’t. If you don’t go, then it will leave more chow fun for me.

Once again the weather was absolutely perfect this morning as we strolled along our amazing upcountry neighborhood.

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