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Keep Walking

The tradition of early morning Sunday walks around our neighborhood continued this morning. We are early risers upcountry, and you could not ask for a more beautiful way to start the day. There is no rest, even on the weekends, for those who want to sit around our house and relax in the morning.

Most of the signs on Maui are these carved wood block style signs. They are unique, kind of dated, but charming too. The combination of natural elements and vandals have made their mark on this welcome sign (you can barely see the beautifully painted picture of Haleakala at the top of the sign… and yes, that is a Bart Simpson sticker on the left post). 

There was, of course, the occasional window shopping along the many cute storefronts along Makawao and Baldwin Avenues. The Saint Joseph’s Feast is in full-swing this weekend, so the bunting is up and the church is alive with events, food, games, and other activities.We stopped at the Maui Veteran’s Cemetery where I was able to get a different perspective on a familiar sight.This road sign was made for very indecisive drivers…um….I am saddened that this cute dog, whose name is Petunia (which is about the sweetest thing ever) is lost. Look at how happy she is to be a backseat driver.Only in Makawao would you have a people crossing sign, followed by a horse crossing sign.Soap and bubbles flowing by us as we walked home.Now whomever did this should be in charge of a museum or some preservation society. They replaced the cracked and beat-up sidewalk, but they saved a small square section of the original 1939 sidewalk laid down by the Works Progress Administration. I would like to shake this person’s hand and tell them job well done for preserving such a unique aspect of a public works service from before WWII. Such a simple way to not only fix the problem, but to keep a small piece of history alive for others to discover. If anyone knows the project manager or the person who laid this section of sidewalk, please tell them to run for public office. I would definitely support a candidate who honors the past, while respecting the future.

The weather is perfect today, so if you wanted to head upcountry and attend the St. Joseph’s feast, I would highly recommend it. If you cannot make it, next weekend will be the Seabury Hall Craft Fair, so you have one last chance to see the Jacaranda trees in bloom.