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Two Days in Vancouver: Day I

I finally got around to editing the photographs I took while Emily and I were in Vancouver last weekend. Knowing that we were only visiting for a matter of hours, we each packed a simple backpack for the trip. It was quite liberating to pack so light and only bring one camera body, one lens, and one extra battery. When traveling anywhere new for any length of time, I tend to over pack, not with clothes mind you, but with camera gear. Camera bodies, extra lenses, extra batteries, filters, tripod, plus all the little accessories that you need for certain situations, it definitely adds up.

I am very glad that I brought my all-weather camera bag with me because when we stepped out of the train station it was raining heavily. As we made our way through the deluge, towards the hotel, everything from my waist down to my feet was swimming.

After the initial flood upon our arrival, the weather cleared up for the two full days we had to explore, so we took advantage of the overcast skies and meandered around the city to see what Vancouver had to share with us.

These young lads were the reason for our weekend adventure.

It is always exciting to try new restaurants when you are in a foreign country (authorʻs note: we did not eat here, I just liked the maple leaf within the arches).

We made it to Chinatown, where we stopped to visit the Dr. Sun Yat-sen cultural center and garden. On any given day I would think that Vancouverʻs tribute to Dr. Sun Yat-sen is much more impressive than the park dedicated to him located on Maui (read about it again here), but we caught the cultural center during a big renovation project. The center was working on their water features, so the ponds and waterfalls were completely dry. The discounted price was nice, but really, I imagine the experience to be infinitely better when the peaceful sound of flowing water accompanies the flowers and trees in this well-manicured environment.

The infamous Gastown steam clock was slightly less impressive than I had pictured in my mind.

Although I will never know what all these balloons were for, the colors and the randomness of it all is what caught my eye.

The architecture in Vancouver is an incredible mix of old and new. The unique older buildings are designated “heritage buildings” and have informational plaques near their entrances that share their history with all who visit.

This building had the most interesting railing I had even seen.

After a full day of taking in the city, we went back to the hotel, relaxed a bit, and got ready to walk across the street to the BC place stadium. The time had finally come to attend the concert we flew 2,600 miles, sorry 4,300 kilometers to see…and hear.

You can read about some of the show here.