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Blew Host

I wanted to start the new year off by mixing things up a bit on my blog as well as trying to some money. In reality, I spent more money and added a few more gray hairs on my head due to horrible customer service.

I have had my domain name and web hosting with GoDaddy.com for seven years. In those seven years, I have had a few hiccups with my website, mostly user error, but nothing that couldn’t be solved by calling their customer service department, which is offered 24/7.

The Maui Camera Club uses BlueHost to host their website, and as I have been helping them for the past few years, I decided that maybe I should give another company my business (it also helped that BlueHost was offering a free domain name and a cheaper web hosting at the time). I spoke with one of their sales representatives via their online chat, and he assured me that the transition would be simple and seamless. So as 2017 was coming to a close, I took the plunge and switched to BlueHost.

Signing up, picking a free domain name, and having them process my credit card was as simple as their sales rep made it out to be when I spoke with them.

To make a long story short, after five days of not having a useable website and having their online customer service representatives continually pushing me on down the line to the next “expert,” I decided to give up chatting with them and realized it was time to give them a call. I became aware of two important details by calling BlueHost directly: one is that their customer service chat is based out of India (or someplace where English is not the first language), and two is that their phone customer service is based somewhere in the United States, and therefore I was able to understand the advice and directions given to me.

BlueHost has a thirty day money back guarantee, which I took full advantage of after wasting two full days uploading files that I did not need to per their representatives instructions…twice. As I told the woman who took my phone call when I asked for my money back, I wished I had spoken to her five days ago. By the time, I spoke to someone who spoke English and understood the problems I was having, it was just too late to convince me to stay with them.

As soon as I hung up the phone with BlueHost, I called GoDaddy. Much like a lover who was caught red-handed cheating with someone else, I explained that I did not know what I was thinking, and that I made a terrible mistake by leaving them. I begged their forgiveness and asked them to take me back and give me another chance. I almost went out and bought them flowers.

Fortunately for me, they did not treat me like a scorned lover (although now that I think of it they did make me pay for my sins…literally) and they accepted me back after my momentary lapse of judgement. It took a few days to get everything transferred back to their hosting and up and running correctly, but with this blog post, I can proudly say that cyngle.com is back in full swing.

So be on the lookout for more blogs in the next few weeks, including one with some big travel plans coming soon.