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For the past two months, my camera has been in the hands of the so-called experts at Nikon due to an error and it not working correctly just before Christmas of 2017. I could tell the tale of poor customer service and even worse repair work, but since my previous post was already about a negative experience with another company, I have decided to change my direction, and to be positive, I would like to share pictures of goats with my readers.

Our backyard fence backs up to a large vacant field that houses a constant rotation of farm animals. Currently, the field is home to goats. There are seven adult goats, and we just welcomed two new kids into the backyard family a few weeks ago. Although they are not our pets to name, we name them anyway and get somewhat attached to them. We give names to these backyard friends of ours once they get comfortable near us and decide to come visit us. I have no shame in offering the goats a free meal of freshly cut banana leaves or over ripened mountain apples, both of which they seem to enjoy immensely, to get them to come closer to us.

Goat buffet.

We try our best to name them according to their personalities, but sometimes they take their names from pop culture or the current show we are watching. Currently, we have Sven and Magnus, the two male goats who remind us of Scandinavian rock Gods.

Magnus, in all his Nordic rock star glory.
A close up of Sven.
Sven and Magnus rockin’ out.

Then there is Yippee, who just gave birth to two kids not too long ago. With the introduction of her babies, our backyard goats just got 1000% cuter!

Yippee, who always has something to say.

The other day we found out that the two baby goats are small and curious enough to slip through the squares in our wire fence. As we walked outside to see how everyone was doing, the two kids were inspecting our backyard, taking a look around, enjoying our garden.

Yippee and her babies.


Eventually, these two cuties got sleepy, so they just rested their sweet baby goat heads on the edge of our garden.

Sleeping baby goats.

The goats have very distinct personalities, and it is amusing to watch them interact with us, each other, and sometimes inanimate objects.

Sven, using the arm of a wheelbarrow to scratch a hard to reach itch.
One of the babies getting closer to Sven.
Magnus with his golden bangs and viking-like beard.

Our backyard adopted family of goats continue to give us hours of entertainment, as well as helps us keep food that is on the verge of being thrown out from finding its way into the landfill and into their bellies. Although they are not a fan of lettuce, apples, strawberries, and blueberries seem to be the favorite treats we share with them.

Now that I have my camera back, and in working order, from Nikon, expect more photo blogs to come.

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