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Flower Pedal

For the past three weeks, my friend Jon and I have been trying to get together on our shared day off to take photos of the beautiful sunflower field on Maui. Our original plan was to ride our bikes from Jonny’s house to the fields and back. As we have learned from past blogs of mine, rarely do my plans ever go according to plan.

Three weeks ago, I loaded my bike onto my car trunk bike rack and drove down the hill and met Jonny at his house. We checked our tires, filled them with air and began the ten and a half mile roundtrip journey. We got approximately two-hundred yards when my front tire made a horrible hissing noise and moments later was completely flat. With our adventure plans deflated, I walked my bike back to Jonny’s house, loaded it back onto my bike rack, and we proceeded to go out for breakfast and eat our frustrations.

After breakfast, I drove up the hill and had the local upcountry bike shop replace my front tire tube. Under $20 later, my bike was ready for our adventure next week.

Two weeks ago, life had other plans for us, and Jonny had a dentist obligation he had made many months earlier. The new tube in my front tire had to wait another week to be put to the test.

Yesterday, Jonny and I were finally able to not only bike around the neighborhood we hadn’t made it out of three weeks ago, but we were also able to bike the five miles to the sunflower fields. Our legs were burning, but the anticipation of going on a photo adventure was enough motivation to allow our out of shape bodies to push through the mostly uphill route.

Upon finally arriving to the sunflower fields after three weeks of trying, we were greeted to the sight you see below.

The sunflowers that were blooming three weeks ago had been harvested while we made attempts to photograph them.

Although we failed to get any pictures of the field full of sunflowers, Jonny and I got some much needed exercise instead. We are already discussing our next bike photography adventure for next week.

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