holoholo photo

53rd Makawao Rodeo Paniolo Parade

Makawao, the gem of upcountry Maui, is currently hosting the July 4th rodeo all weekend long. Last night, the Friday night Bull Bash was held…in the rain, today the Paniolo Parade was held…in the rain, and the rodeo events will finish up tomorrow…hopefully under blue skies. The parade is always entertaining, even during inclement weather, and this year is an election year, so the parade seemed twice as long as usual with all the politicians trying to show us their “country” personas.

We found parking in our secret spot, bought a Komodas bakery treat, found our usual spot along the parade route, and hunkered down with our rain jackets, umbrellas, and camera to watch the world go by.

After a full morning of clapping, cheering, waving, and saying hello to friends, we got back home and realized that we cleaned up with parade swag.