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My Cup Runneth Over

Today marks the 5-month mark since the motorcycle collision.  I cannot believe it has been that long.  All the things that frustrated me at the 2-month mark (see Prisoner entry) can be multiplied ten times over at this point.

Just when I think I cannot take this anymore, I try to remind myself how fortunate I am to still be alive and that I eventually will have the use of my leg.  I have tried hard to remain positive throughout this experience, but have had my fair share of low points…more frequent recently than in the past.  Friends and family have been instrumental in helping me mentally by focusing on the recovery aspect, as well as physically by helping do everyday things that I can no longer do for myself.

Last week I received a box in the mail filled with all kinds of random nick knacks to keep myself busy.  Books, games, puzzles and cards from everyone wishing me a speedy recovery.  What a spirit lifter.  This morning I opened a package I got yesterday and was speechless in what I was looking at.  The dynamic duo known as “The Dell’Ergos” created a hard cover photography book using pictures from the Photography 101 challenges on cyngle.com.  The book also includes inspirational quotes mixed in with the pictures, as well as positive words from cyngle.com photographers.

An amazing book, created and filled with love…and pictures.

With friends like this in my life I believe I can conquer any obstacle set before me. I can understand why people need to have faith in something.  Fortunately for me, I have faith in something substantial, something real.

Love and Friendship.

Thank you to everyone who I’ve seen, spoken with, chatted with and emailed with over the last 5 months.  Although it has been a struggle at times (and will continue to be for a while longer) I know that we will continue living our lives and leaving our love and friendship with each other.

I have an evaluation with the surgeon tomorrow (Monday) and I am hoping for some positivity and possibly an idea of when I may begin using my left leg in some form of physical activity (i.e.: therapy, rehab or even walking).  I have a flight booked for Phoenix for November 10th, so I’m also nervous about being given the okay to fly.  With my leg in its current state and the hard plastic brace holding me together I have poor circulation from my foot back to my heart.  This circulation issue mixed with high altitude makes me more susceptible to embolism.  I have been wearing a fashionable stocking called a compression sock when I know I will not be elevating my leg for hours at a time.