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The Kid Stays in the Picture

Yesterday, as I came home from a typical day at work, I stepped into our backyard sanctuary to check on our sweet chickens. As I was engaged in a heated discussion about the day’s events with our three hens, my train of thought was interrupted by a small bleating voice close by. As I walked towards our back fence, I noticed one of the goats, who live in the paddock against our fence. She was standing very still and did not run away when I got closer to see what was going on. When I could see her entire body, I was shocked and excited to she that she had just given birth to a beautiful baby goat. I retrieved my camera from inside and decided to take a few pictures of the proud momma and her kid together.

When Emily came home from work, I was still in the backyard, watching momma and her baby, taking a few pictures here and there, when baby number two came along.

It was a special evening for us upcountry. We got to watch the birth of a baby goat, we got to hear the first cry for its mother, and we even got to witness the kid’s first steps, which only took about twenty minutes after being born. As the sun was beginning to set, we decided to give the new family some peace and quiet, so they could enjoy getting to know each other a bit.

Even though we do not own the goats in the field behind our house, that certainly does not prevent us from feeding them delicious treats or naming them. The momma goat is one we call Ghost (you can thank “Game of Thrones” for that one), but if you have any ideas for baby names, please leave a comment with your suggestions.