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This Week in Photos: November 5 – 11

I was able to catch one mediocre sunset with Jonny Hooks after work this week. I will jump at any chance to shoot long exposures, sunsets, or both, but this one just didn’t have the impact the last few have had recently.

I have gotten in the habit of bringing my camera outside with me when I begin to do yard work in the backyard. Nine times out of ten I have my Nikkor 105mm lens on my camera so I can get some macro shots if the opportunity presents itself. The goats in our backyard have been moved and penned up differently of late, so it has been a challenge to see the nine new baby goats, and darn near impossible to get a picture of them.

I caught this brown anole on a unripened bunch of bananas as he made his way out of sight and into the safety of the bananas.

Sunday mornings are reserved for neighborhood walks with Emily. I try to have a zoom lens on for these neighborhood walks in the hope that I might catch a pueo (Hawaiian short-eared owl) out hunting the open pastures. I see them sitting on power lines every morning I head in early to work, but I never seem to have the time or my camera at those particular sightings. So instead of Hawaiian owls, I end up taking pictures of random beauty and scenes that catch my eye…as well as getting some much needed exercise. It is a classic example of a win, win situation.