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This Week in Photos: November 12 – 18 (1 of 2)

This week, Emily and I went atop Haleakala National Park to watch a sunset. It has been too long since we went up to the summit, and I do not remember it ever being so busy. It seems to me that it is only a matter of time before the sunset becomes like the sunrise and there will be a reservation system in place, which is necessary to keep the park sustainable and still allow visitors to have the experience they are looking for.

The summit parking lot was closed because all of the parking spots were full, so we found room in the lower lot and walked a bit to find this vantage point. As the sun drops below the clouds, you can see Science City on the left.

There may have been a little tree-hugging going on while at Hosmer’s Grove. We caught a fleeting glimpse of a few ‘i’wi birds (Hawaiian scarlet honeycreepers) and I was able to get one mediocre shot before this one flitted away.Emily had a teaching conference in Houston beginning on the 14th, so I brought my Nikon D7200 and my Tamron 18-400mm lens (which has become my go-to walk around body and lens combo) and explored the Houston area.

The first stop on the to-do list was Johnson Space Center to get my inner astronaut groove on. Right from the airport, we picked up our rental car, got breakfast, and submerged ourselves in all thing NASA.

This picture of an astronaut could not have a more poorly placed negative space. The arm and hand positioning certainly doesn’t help either. We saw three whitetail deer just walking along the campus of the Johnson Space Center. Nature is not impressed with all their technological achievements. After our visit to NASA, we checking into our hotel and walked to the convention center, which was one block away. Along the way, we found an interactive art display called “Gust,” which had hundreds upon hundreds of pinwheels in several colors lined along the Discovery Green park. As our first night in Houston came to a close, I took this sunset shot from our fifth story hotel room.