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A Box of Hugs, Some Frozen Love and a Few Loose Ends

Last Friday was the second of three Friday the thirteens we are going to experience this year, the next one is in July.

A Box Full of Hugs

Saturday afternoon I opened my mailbox to discover that someone had sent me a box.  Noticing that it was from my life-long friend Kate, whom always sends the most thoughtful gifts and postcards, I tore into the package to see what she had sent (actually, the post office had already begun tearing it open, I just helped a little).

A rainbow of tissue paper, just waiting to spill its secrets.

Upon opening the package I found it took several gifts to make up the contents of this box.  To my surprise each item was wrapped in colorful tissue paper and was labeled from Kate and her three siblings.  I began with the envelope, from Kate, which contained a postcard of W.C. Fields and explained that once the initial gift was going to be sent, the whole family wanted to add to it.

Feeling extremely loved I decided to start with the youngest family member and work my way up to the wisest (see what I did there Meg, I never mentioned the word older, elder or closest to death…oops).

Smarties...a bag of individually wrapped rainbows of pure sugar.

I am going to bring Liz’s bag of Smarties with me to the hospital.  When the nursing staff comes around to do their rounds I’m hoping to swap some Smarties out with pills destined for other patients.  I plan on lying back in my adjustable bed and watch the hilarity ensue.

Solo T-Shirts...get yours now!

Next up was Rich’s gift of a great t-shirt from his clothing manufacturing company, Solo.  Over the years I’ve worn several of his shirts and I may need to have more surgeries in order to get my hands on more.

A unique book that touches on a very personal aspect of World War II.

Kate’s gift had a few parts to it.  First was a selection of soundtracks for my listening pleasure.  The next was an amazing matted print of a picture she had taken which I had commented on awhile back that I had enjoyed quite a bit.  Lastly was a hardcover book entitled: From Foxholes and Flight Decks, Letters Home from World War II, by Rod Gragg.  The book is unique in that it contains, much like a children’s pop-up book, cut out pockets which contained reprints of personal correspondence.  Whether typed or handwritten, perfect or full of errors, the letters where reproduced to give you a sense of emotion and realism.  I am only a few pages into the book, but it is fascinating.

Uncle Vinny's Spring Mix "Stay Skinny with Uncle Vinny"

Saving the wisest for last, Meg’s gift, I was intrigued by the packaging.  I was wondering why the heck it was in a plastic salad to-go container, but then I looked closer at the packaging.  The sticker was for a company called Uncle Vinny’s.  Bada-bing!  Awesome.

A wearable hug in the form of a scarf, notice the hands on each end.

Kate’s postcard had made it clear that Meg had thought of the idea for her gift first and decided I could “use a hug.”  She made me a scarf with hands on either end to wrap around me.  I cannot imagine a more fitting sentiment and gift.  We could all use more hugs.  And although I nay not have too many opportunities to wear a scarf in Hawaii, you can bet I’ll take full advantage of any that come along (looks like I’m going to have to start going to more sunrises atop Haleakala).

Frozen Love

On Sunday night my friend Erin stopped by my place and dropped off a bunch of homemade dinners, in individual servings, for me to eat when I get home from the hospital and begin my recovery.  She loaded up my freezer with her home cooked meals, in tupperware and sealed with love.  I was so touched by her thoughtfulness I’m not sure I even told her thank you.

Meals on wheels...or on crutches at the very least.

I cannot thank my friends enough for all they have done for me over the past 11+ months.  I know I can be a stubborn bastard at times and I would never ask forgiveness for who I am, but I can never say it enough.  Thank you.  I surround myself with amazing people and I continue to be rewarded with their love and friendship.

Follow up to A Letter to Icon Motorsports.

Thursday night I received an envelope in the mail with Icon Motorsports’ return address on it.  Inside the small envelope was a patch with the words: Survivor, Busted & Broken and a design which includes cross bones, a purple heart and a skull wearing an Icon helmet.

Survivor patch: Busted & Broken

Something so simple, yet obviously this company appreciates the stories of their customers enough to have a patch created and designed for them.  I thought it was a classy touch and a nice way of them to say thank you.

A follow up to End on a HI Note.

After sending an email to Hawaiian Airlines accusing their Las Vegas customer service counter of fabricating an imaginary “wait list” and accepting bribes for better seats, I received a response in the form of an email.  The email response was a combination of a copy and paste response with a few complaint specific areas addressed.  Immediately they threw a credit for $100 towards my next flight as an apology.  As much as I appreciated the monetary credit, I responded to the email offering my new $100 credit in exchange for my initial question to be answered.

I received a second email from their customer service representative which told me if I ever encounter any issues or if I feel like I am being mistreated by their staff, that I should ask for a Complaint Resolution Official or CRO, which could very well be the person I have issues with.

So now I know to start off asking for a CRO for future travels to and from the Las Vegas airport.