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I have not felt myself lately.  That probably seems like a silly statement, considering nothing in my life is of my own choosing anymore.  If it was I would choose to close this computer get in the car and drive somewhere secluded and go for a walk with my camera in tow.

The reason I have not felt myself these past two weeks is because I sense myself burying anger within me and not having a release or outlet for it.  I’m hoping this blog tonight might help me move past my internal frustrations.  For the last two weeks I have been dealing with incompetent Lawyers and disability insurance companies who continue to make mistakes at my cost.  I can only do so much lying on my back, sending them emails and calling to follow up everyday.  In constantly dealing with these companies I have memorized the handful of supervisors and managers I seem to be repeatedly speaking with.  I have heard “I’m sorry,” too many times to have it mean anything at this point and am never shocked to find out they did not follow through with what they assured me they would.

During these issues that arise, I realize how much I miss working and doing a job I enjoy as well as I can.   Does anyone take pride in what they do anymore?  I know most of us need a paycheck to live, but what the hell is the point of doing a job second-rate?  I don’t care if you flip burgers, greet Wal-marters, or if you are the world’s top heart specialist…if you have a job to do, take pride in yourself and be the best you can be at it.  I do not know if people feel their job is beneath them and feel that they are owed something better, but over the years I get the sense that we are more robotic and less humane in our interactions with each other.

We as a society fail to hold companies and their employees accountable for their actions or inactions.  There is no accountability left these days and people do not want to take the time to listen to you: especially if you are correct and can present your case intelligently.  You can tell I enjoy holding people or policies accountable and I believe everyone should do the same.

Okay.  I veered a little off topic there, but here we go again.

Today I went to get my 6-month x-rays of my leg.  I decided not to drive 10 miles into town (like I have the previous 4 times) and elected to try the medical center 2 miles away from my home.  Before I even went there I called to find out their hours of operation.  The recorded message should have been a warning to me, but I decided they must be busy.  First issue I ran into is that there is no receptionist (which explains the answering message).  You sign yourself in, fill out a clipboard and drop your paperwork in an “in” box.  Nobody is around if you have questions, not even if you are simply looking for the bathroom.  You may be able to catch the x-ray technician in between patients, but then you make the wait that much longer for yourself and others.

There were several people ahead of me, so I waited about an hour before I was taken in, x-rayed and waited for the films and disc of x-rays.  As I sat there, patiently waiting, many more people were taken in and several of them got their x-rays and left.  I understood mine were going to take a bit longer because the technician had to burn a cd-rom disc with the 2 .jpeg files of the x-rays.   So I waited.

As I sat there, an elderly woman came right up to me and tapped me on the brace of my broken leg and asked me what happened.  I was so taken aback I stared at her for a few seconds with my mouth wide open.  After I replayed what had just happened in my mind my mouth caught up and I said politely “For future reference, you may not want to hit where someone has a broken bone.”  She looked at me like I was the asshole and then was called away to finish up her paperwork.  As she walked away without saying another word to me I felt my face getting hotter.  What the hell was going on?  Did that really just happen?

The lady sitting next to me with her three kids did not seem to notice the interaction that had taken place less than 2 feet in front of her, probably because she was too busy not noticing or controlling her 3 obnoxious children (all under 10).  The kids were screaming and running around, singing, blocking the only entrance into the x-ray clinic and whining about every little thing.

Does she apologize when they run around and almost knock over an elderly lady walking with a cane?  No.

Does she sit them down and explain that this is not recess or soccer practice?  No.

Rather than play the role of a parent who cares about anybody other than herself, she gets on her phone and talks story for 30 minutes outside the building looking in.  After the phone call, they disappear for 10 minutes and come back with food, stinking up the lobby with their dinner.  They proceed to have a feast sitting in the waiting room, using the standing sign that reads “Please enjoy your food or beverage outside” as a barrier to keep the foot traffic from stepping in their food.

I am not one to judge others on how they raise their children at home, but in public, in a professional setting where others are affected by noise and inappropriate behavior…some action should be taken by the parent to teach their children proper etiquette.

While I am waiting and people watching, the x-ray technician calls for another patient, sees me, and tells me he hasn’t forgotten about me.  Having been reassured that he hasn’t forgotten about me, I wait.  The lobby begins to empty and I decide to sit in a more obvious chair, so that he sees me the next time he come out of the x-ray room.  Eventually he comes out, sees me and says, “I forgot about you.  You should have reminded me.”  At which point I responded, “It is not my place to remind you after you told me you hadn’t forgotten about me.”  The technician went in the back and came out with the x-ray disc.  When he held it up I asked him where the x-rays films were and he looked dumbfounded.  He was under the impression I was just getting a disc, even though we talked about films for my doctor and a disc for me so I could email the .jpeg files to a friend.  I turned my back on him and went to sit back down.  A few minutes went by and he came out with the films and disc.  Two and a half hours later, I finally left the medical center that is 2 miles from my home.

The story continues, because when I got home, the disc does not have the .jpeg x-ray files on it, so now I have to follow up tomorrow and see how they will resolve this issue.

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