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Building a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow

For the better part of the past year, this blog has been an invaluable tool for me to share information with friends and family, as well as a few strangers, regarding the status of my mental and physical health in the wake of a horrific trauma.  Lying on my back I had nothing but time to reflect and write about personal things that were affecting me on a daily basis.

Now that all possible surgeries have been explored and performed on my leg, and the healing process has begun (for real this time) I may have less personal content to share with you on this blog.  I can finally stop writing about my leg, doctors, lawyers, insurance companies and my emotions and begin writing about more “fun” subjects.  As I begin to heal and become stronger, my goal is to get outside and explore with greater frequency to share more of Maui, this beautiful island I call home, with you.

As for the future of this blog, I would like to begin to have a bit more structure so that you (the reader) can count on me posting content on certain days.  After posting blogs all willy-nilly in order to get my thoughts down I realize how important it is to be held accountable for content to be published certain days to keep the blog consistent.

I would like to post Monday through Friday with written articles and then post more of a visual blog over the two day weekend.  I am not sure if I can produce quality content consistently, but I will work hard at it.

Here are my thoughts on how to modify the blog, beginning with the same features, just changed to different days:

  • I will continue to post new blogs with varied subject matter, as well as follow ups to previous posts when new information becomes available.
  • Photography 101: I will continue to post information regarding our Photography 101 digital photography challenges on the first of every month.  Feel free to join us for a challenge.
  • Guest Author Mondays: Continuing the blogs from famous and infamous authors who have a desire to be heard.
  • Aloha Fridays: Exploring and explaining the island of Maui, the culture of Hawaii, everyday living out here and the beauty I am immersed in on a daily basis.
  • I will continue to modify the “Within My Grasp” page of the blog as the tides and my moods continue to change.
Some new visual features:
  • Wordless Weekends: I will post a simple picture I have taken at some point in my life and would like to share with you over the weekend.  If there is a story behind it, I will share.
  • WHERE: I will post a picture from a location in my travels (or from my reader’s travels as well) for you to guess where it was taken.  You will be able to submit pictures for me to post on the site in an attempt to flummox my readers.

I am definitely open to suggestions from my readers, so feel free to share your thoughts.