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Thursday, April 19th

The beginning of the end started bright and early for me yesterday.  Kip and I left my place at 5:30AM and I before 7AM I had landed and was being driven to Queen’s Medical Center on the island of O’ahu.  Doctor Harpstrite sat down with me one more time to discuss the procedure and when I was done asking questions I was sent on my way to begin the admission process.

The hottest club in town...The Queen's Medical Center...people are dying to get in.

Once I had the bracelet on my wrist, I began to realize how close we were to finally ending this story.  I had several visitors come to check up on me before I was wheeled into the operating room.  I had the steady stream of nurses, doctor’s assistants, anesthesiologists, and finally Doctor Harpstrite himself to mark my left leg.  Once that was done, I was put under and the party began.

At least my leg doesn't look emaciated anymore due to the 30 pounds of bandages.

I woke up in the recovery room five hours later looking down at a leg that had so much bandages it looked like I gained 30 pounds.  Once I was awake, the pain decided to come visit with me.  I forgot how intense the pain could be surrounding an operation involving my leg. The last one I went through was in August to have the external fixator removed.

The nurses took great care of me and together we managed to stay on top of the pain.  I slept horribly during the night and continuously woke up due to the waves of pain, the nurses checking my temperature and blood pressure and finally I was woken up by loud alarms that continued for a long time before anybody stopped in to notice my IV was bone dry.

Dead Sexy!

Dr. Harpstrite stopped by this morning to follow up with me and told me that the surgery went as well as they had expected and I was able to put weight on my leg immediately.  He gave me permission to check out today, but we both decided tomorrow would be a better idea.  So as of tonight I will be back home in my own bed by tomorrow night.