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Wednesday, December 28th

Happy days are here again.  My friend Lynn has picked up her pen (figuratively) and has resumed writing her thoughts for all to enjoy.  She has been on hiatus for far too long and it brings a smile to my face to see her writing again.

Check out Lynn’s blog here.

I have also been highly entertained by The Everywhereist (well written and a quirky sense of humor) and By Ken Levine (guy has led an interesting life, though some of the blogs are meant for people specifically in the entertainment industry), both winners of Time Magazine’s Best 25 Blogs of 2011.

One blog I have fallen in love with of late is Candice Does The World.  This 20 something Newfoundlander has a way of sharing her travel experiences (as well as everyday life) with an honesty and appreciation that has drawn me in.

For local flavor I read A Maui Blog, and cannot wait to join Maui Photo Walks…once I can walk.

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