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Aloha Friday: Interpretation

In a conscience effort to help the rest of the world understand what it is we have out here in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, I wanted to start a new feature on my blog for Friday afternoons.  I will attempt to share more of the culture, the language, the people, the lifestyle, the weather and especially the one thing that keeps everybody out here…the land.

What is Aloha Friday?

To put it simply, Aloha Friday is an attitude.  It’s a celebration that the weekend is about to begin; a reminder that the work week is almost over.  It’s a way to start unwinding and to bring a smile to your face before you go home.  Behind the times out here in Hawaii (literally due to the time zones and figuratively due to the lack of development in certain islands) Aloha Friday gives us a head start on our weekend.  Ultimately, we are saying aloha, or goodbye, to the work week and aloha, or hello, to the weekend.

Some of you on the mainland may have “casual Fridays” at your place of business, this is the direct influence of Aloha Fridays on the “real world”.  Back in the mid 1940’s the city of Honolulu proposed the wearing of aloha shirts (“Hawaiian” shirts to you mainlanders), but the business community was unbending in their attitude that a proper businessman should be dressed as such (no matter the heat or humidity).  Anybody who has attended a formal wedding or gala event out here in Hawaii can easily understand why this could be considered a form of torture (I believe it can be found mentioned in the Geneva Conventions).

The Aloha Shirt...one of the few positive fashion designs to come out of the '60's.

During the 60’s shirt designers started making more “professional” and subdued aloha shirts and eventually in 1966 the president of Bank of Hawaii began wearing aloha shirts on a daily basis into the office and gave the idea some legitimacy.

As with anything out here in Hawaii, the idea of Aloha Friday was put to words and music back in 1982 by Paul Natto.  The song is a laid back celebration of the weekend to come and all the drinking and get togethers about to begin.  Just about every radio station out here finds any excuse to play the song during their friday broadcast.  The most important line of the chorus repeats, “It’s Aloha Friday, no work ’til Monday…” and really sets the tone for the weekends.

Now that the history lesson is complete I just wanted my readers to understand why I chose to call a feature Aloha Friday.  I hope I can begin to share with you a bit of my home, the lifestyle I live and the beauty I am bathed in every single day.  The new feature will help me focus on things besides my leg, which at this point I can only imagine you are tired of reading about.  I know I’m exhausted of touching on the same subject over and over, like beating a dead horse…or at least one with a bum leg.

There is so much more to the 50th State that people will never know until they have experienced it themselves or observed it through the words of another.  I hope these articles will be small snapshots of island living…a postcard of our everyday life for you to enjoy.