Happy Anniversary

Today marks the one year anniversary of the traffic collision that changed my life.  From day one…or minute one of the accident I have done my best to keep a positive outlook throughout this ordeal.  Ever since I could feel movement in my left toes, as I lay on the road waiting for the ambulance to arrive, I have tried very hard to look on the bright side of this life event.  My soundtrack for this adventure would definitely be, “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” by Monty Python.

Rather than be reminded of all I have lost during these past 12 months, I have decided to go the other direction and discuss all of the positive things that have come out of me losing control of my life.

  • I have some truly amazing friends and family.  From the phone calls, the visits while in the hospital, the rides to and from doctor’s appointments, the fundraiser to the grocery runs for necessities.  The people I choose to be in my life have become that much more important to me.
  • I have half as many socks in my laundry as before, which I will assume means I am saving on wear and tear.
  • I have had more time to work on my website and continue with our Photography 101 challenges.
  • I not only survived a 2 week stay at Maui Memorial Medical Center (without picking up an infection), I found the nursing staff to be simply wonderful.
  • Without Netflix in my life I have been forced to expand my imagination through writing and reading.
  • I was able to spend Thanksgiving with my family.
  • Ambulance rides can be fun, but expensive.
  • I have been given the ability to endure pain and discomfort in ways I did not know were possible.
  • I am saving a bunch of money on gas, particularly after surgeries and doctor’s visits when I have no desire to be seen by others.
  • I try not to dwell on my misfortune, because other people have it worse off than me.
  • I am accumulating frequent flyer mileage on my doctor visits to O’ahu.
  • I have found the ability to write down and share my thoughts more clearly with others to be a helpful outlet when dealing with certain emotions.
  • I learned an invaluable lesson on mixing Vegas, a wheelchair and good friends.
  • My job is still waiting for me…provided I make it back before the end of October.
  • I have learned the jobs and techniques of several different TSA stations in various airports.
  • I have figured out how to live my life on a 40% pay cut budget.
  • I am very grateful to still be alive and I remember that fact every time I stand up and reach for my crutches.
  • I’ve spent more time at the Kihei public library in the past three months than I have in the nine years I’ve lived on Maui.
Kihei Public Library

Since May 9th, 2011, I have been subjected to a number of firsts and almost firsts, here’s a few of those numbers:

  • 366 days of not walking on my own two legs (leap year)
  • 260 days of work missed
  • 65 blog entries written
  • 52 Sunday nights to enjoy Mulligans
  • 40 stitches have been removed
  • 35 various doctor’s office visits
  • 28 x-rays have been taken, and 1 CAT scan
  • 25 staples have been removed
  • 17 days in the hospitals (Maui & O’ahu)
  • 9 bottles of prescriptions in my medicine cabinet
  • 7 stainless steel pins protruding from my shin
  • 6 surgeries on my leg
  • 3 screws installed in my leg
  • 2 bone grafts performed on my tibial fracture
  • 1 jar on my mantle with a chunk of bone floating in it
  • 1 titanium rod implanted in my tibia
  • 0 days at the beach (crutches & sand, open wounds & staph infections)
Vincent Lorusso Written by:

A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives. - Jackie Robinson

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  1. Linda Meeker
    May 14, 2012

    Vinny, you are amazing !!!!!!!! I applaud your ability and desire to look
    at life with a positive attitude. It must be extremely difficult to get through
    each day. What a gift to have such a great family and wonderful friends
    who are so supportive. You are always in my prayers for a quick recovery. Love, Linda Meeker

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