Happy Accidents

Today’s blog is very much like one of those “artsy” hollywood movies that you watch because it won so many awards and people claim it will change your life.  It is confusing, poorly structured, will contain several errors and possibly some nudity. The good news is, the blog won’t be three hours long.

Happy little accidents.

The other day I walked by some magazines I had sitting around when I noticed an interesting optical illusion…try to figure out where Danica begins and ends.

The past two issues of ESPN magazine formed a whole person.

It made me think of the late, great, afro-centric, television artist Bob Ross and one of his pearls of wisdom he always shared with his PBS audience.

“We don’t have mistakes here, we just have happy accidents.”

With that mantra stuck in my head I began changing some of the content on my website (cyngle.com) when, four hours later, I realized I had inadvertently started something I could never have planned.  Much like a builder gets rid of an old structure to make room for the new and improved, I had torn down the walls to my site and was left with a foundation.  Fortunately that foundation is made up of amazing photographers and their beautiful pictures.  Solid as a rock, I continue to build upon their inspiration and the new website should be ready by July 1st…just in time for the July Photography 101 challenge.

Here is another happy accident, courtesy of the Crazy Shirts store in Kihei.

This store is filled with some Crazy Sh**.

Hair today, gone tomorrow.

I have been growing my hair out since November of 2011.  Since I have not returned to work I am conducting an experiment to see how much hair I can accumulate on and around my head region.  As of this month I feel confident sharing with you that I have passed the Chuck Norris look-alike phase and have begun to wander into the Jesus stand-in phase.  I assume the next few phases are: ZZ Top, Rasputin, Sasquatch and finally ending with Captain Caveman.  This summer already seems a bit warmer than previous ones, but I am going to spend as much time in the water as possible to get through it.

Yesterday I remembered a picture I had taken back in October.

If ever there was a sign to get rid of some hair.

The end may be near for the beard!  Yesterday was as close as I have come to getting rid of the beard and heading to a barbershop.  I guess some would have called it a close shave.

I am still going to try to hold out until the day before I return to work to shave and get a haircut, but it is going to be a long summer.  The reason I grow my hair out is so that people are drawn to make comments about what’s on top, rather than my leg.  I encourage comments or witty jabs about my hair rather than suffer the repetition and sheer frustration regarding my leg.

A leg up on the competition.

Speaking of which…I am swimming, walking in the pool, biking on a stationary bike and doing physical therapy twice a week.  I can now walk on one crutch alone, but it is better for me at this time to continue to use two crutches.  My ankle is still too tight from a year of not moving and I am beginning to gain some muscle back in my leg.  My goal was to be on one crutch for the next doctor’s visit (July 18th), but now I want to try for using a cane instead.

My leg feels better, unlike my body.  I am not only the hairiest I’ve ever been in my life, but I am also the heaviest I have been in my life (that’s right ladies…I am a hot mess).  Last week I tipped the scale at just below 160 lbs.  I have tried to keep my mind active these past 13 months, but now that my leg is feeling better, it is time to get my body back to where I feel healthy.

At the car wash!

As I was going through the car wash I thought it seemed vaguely familiar.  As my birthday is just around the corner I thought this photo was appropriate.

My interpretation of being born, courtesy of the local car wash.

Today’s blog was a complete departure from my normal structure, but I hope you made it through to the end.  Thanks for reading!

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A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives. - Jackie Robinson

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